My Boyfriend Keeps Dumping Me – Why He Does This and How to Stop it!

Relationship Advice: The Gift of Listening

“My boyfriend keeps dumping me!” That’s a horrible statement for any woman to have to make. It happens when you’re crazy in love with a man who waffles continuously about his feelings for you. One day he’s wild about you and the next day he’s breaking your heart and telling you things just aren’t going to work out. This is a cycle that repeats itself over and over again with him coming back to win you over only to dump you again a short while later. If you’re tired of living like this, but you truly believe he’s the man you’re supposed to be with, you have to change something now. You have the power to stop this pattern and get him to want to be with you always.

Whenever a woman confesses, “my boyfriend keeps dumping me,” she’s doing it with doubt about her own appeal as a girlfriend. It’s understandable why a woman may begin to question herself and whether she makes a good partner if she’s being dumped over and over again by the same man. If you’ve been thinking this way, it has to stop now. Instead of focusing on why he keeps ending the relationship, think about why he keeps coming back. The reason for that is because he loves you and wants to be with you. You need to use that knowledge to your advantage.

The main reason why your boyfriend keeps dumping you and coming back is simple. You’re letting him do it and you’re allowing him to treat you like a fair-weather girlfriend. You take him back each and every time he dumps you because you love him. He recognizes and relies on this. He knows that if he gets the urge to be single again, he can end things, because he has the comfort of knowing that you’ll be waiting to take him back.

That’s why you have to change that dynamic right this minute. You have to take control of your own destiny. Right now you are going to show him, through your actions, that you will not wait idly by for him to change his mind and come running back to you. You need to cut off all contact. Don’t call him to see how he is and don’t answer when he calls. Instead, busy yourself with your own life.

When you two do talk, don’t make mention of getting back together. If he does, tell him that you think a break is a good thing at the moment. Show him, through your strength and calmness that this time you believe that you really can live without him. He won’t be expecting this reaction from you and it will show him that you may not want to be his girlfriend anymore.

If you can remain in control of your emotions throughout this and create some emotional distance, he will start to panic. He’ll suddenly realize that you do have other options. He’ll start to wonder whether he’s pushed you away one too many times. Once this happens, he’ll be begging you to take him back but the difference will be that this time it will be for good.



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