Nurture Children’s Minds And Hearts With Christian Schooling


Children in the U.S. are in school for nearly 1,000 hours per year. Since so much of their youth is spent in classrooms, education is an investment parents must carefully make to ensure the brightest future possible for their kids. When choosing a place to send one’s child, there are many different choices from public to private education. Here are some ways choosing a Christian school is a beneficial option.
Low Teacher to Child Ratios
Starting the path to education is a scary move for most kids. The challenge becomes even more daunting when a child is thrown into a large public academy. Sending your child to a Christian school ensures that students will be in a small classroom where the teachers can get to know their students on both an educational and personal level. Teachers become mentors, nurturing their students throughout their educational journey, guiding and inspiring them through each grade.
For the Love of the Arts
One of the central teachings of Christianity is a focus on the many gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is imperative to expose students to as many electives and courses possible so that each child may find his/her niche. As a result, these institutions provide many electives that are often budgeted or cut out of the public education system. For example, music is a course often cut in public schools that is a fundamental course for Christian hymns and worship. Foreign languages, such as Latin, also play key roles in learning old prayers. Children are given every opportunity available to discover and hone their particular talents.
Faith-Centered Instruction
Christian schools provide Bible studies and other religious courses for all grade levels. This not only includes scripture studies and church, but also includes courses such as morality and social justice. They coordinate field trips for the students to volunteer at homeless shelters and nursing homes. Such courses provide students with lessons in morality that expand and develop as the students advance in their grade levels. A religious education inspires children at a young age to think critically and become good stewards outside of the classroom.
Strong Core Courses
Though prayer and worship are important factors at a Christian school, core education is equally as important. As with any center of education, they must also be state accredited with certified teachers. Smaller institutes tend to be even more selective with hiring their faculty, ensuring that talented and driven teachers are managing the classrooms. There is also testing not found in public schools, deviating from the standardized format to build on and expand math, science, and English courses.
Students Stay Safe
As Jesus is the shepherd to his people, the faculty will be shepherds to their students. Administration, teachers, and students all work together to provide a safe environment. Since the establishments are small, strong communities are built. Parents can rest assured that their children are not only learning, but also doing so in a safe environment.

Parents are the front-runners of knowing what’s best for their children. When considering their education, however, consider nurturing their minds and hearts at a Christian school.



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