The Expanding Giant Within Us All!

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We all have everything within us that we require to create an amazing life, full of health, love, joy and abundance. We also have ‘programs’ that have been instilled in us physically through our DNA and genetic lineage, as well as mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually through our upraising. These programs are our filters and they affect the way that we perceive and experience life on earth.

As we proceed through life and develop some awareness, we realize that we are either learning from our experiences, growing as human beings, or we’re feeling victimized by life and are therefore living in fear, in an ever-shrinking reality. Most of us expand in some areas and contract in others. This is part of the spiral of evolution.

The Shift in Consciousness that’s taking place during our lifetime, and is accelerating at this time, is having a profound affect on us all, both externally and internally. Many of us that were already on the path of spiritual growth & expansion are relishing this Shift; we’re diving in, taking advantage of the new, powerful energies that are supporting our rapid evolution. We see the shifting external environment, with its institutions like governments and banks, crumbling before our eyes and we know that it’s a good thing; that the old must fall away to create room for the new. Other ‘lightworkers’ are feeling worn-out, frustrated and impatient. They have been doing spiritual work for decades and they can’t wait to see the fruits of their labour.

The majority of the population however, is not yet aware of this evolutionary cycle of rapid spiritual growth and evolution (the Shift in Consciousness), and instead of being excited, it’s perceiving ‘the world going crazy’ or ‘the world falling apart’ in a negative and very scary way. This group of people, which perhaps includes you, is observing all of the seemingly ‘negative’ characteristics of The Shift, but at this time have no knowledge of the extremely positive, exciting changes that are underway. That makes this an extremely scary, unpredictable and worrying time

Over the past several years, I have been immersed in this evolutionary alchemy and I’ve found it more & more challenging to keep this experience to myself. I have been morphing from somebody who, as an adult, lived the majority of my life in a very responsible, ‘by-the-book’ way, doing what was expecting of me and going along with the majority, to someone who now couldn’t live without the spiritual side of me and who no longer chooses to participate in the mainstream ‘game’ and the illusion of lack and scarcity.

While I was always interested in the spiritual, esoteric side of life, I was taught that my interest was but a passing phase; a sign of being unwilling to grow up. So, I grew up, forced myself to accept (or at least put up with) society’s norms and I got on with the process of life.

My soul, however, had different plans. Things began to fall apart in my early 30’s with two young kids, when I divorced my husband. Since then, I’ve awakened to my soul’s yearning to explore itself and integrate itself into my day-to-day life. I have made a series of choices, most of them conscious, to move away from my former 3D life, into a much more interesting and spiritually connected experience.

This ‘shift’ in myself has created a life with much more depth and meaning. Where before I felt as though I was ‘getting through’ life, surviving in a manner of speaking, most days now I feel as though I am thriving and expanding.

As I mentioned above, I can no longer keep this to myself and I feel a passion and a universal urging to share this knowledge and experience to support others. So, over the past few years, I’ve been gradually moving away from a traditional 9-5 existence, moving into a much more expansive, creative and heart-felt life.

We’re human beings on Earth now are on this path of spiritual awakening, but less than 10% are aware of it. Are you part of the 10%? Embrace this transition and awaken your giant within!




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