Quickie Sex Tips – 5 Ways to Enjoy Spur of the Moment Passion

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When asked for quickie sex tips it’s a little hard to respond simply because it’s generally spur of the moment stuff. However, quickies are now an integral part of today’s society simply because we live in a fast paced world and couples are strapped for time.

Foreplay is great and can be the foundation to a great sexual relationship but today, many couples just don’t have the time or when they do, it’s usually after a long day at work and they don’t have the energy. This is where the quickie comes in.

When couples let the pressures of life affect their sex lives then eventually something is going to break like the relationship so it’s important to “let the hair down” on occasions and stop waiting for it to be perfect. Fast love episodes add a little excitement to a relationship and when performed on a regular basis, will strike the right balance between sex with foreplay or simply just enjoying the spur of the moment.

In this article, let’s take a look at several opportunities for quick sex to be utilized.

#1. Friend gatherings are synonymous with quick temptation sex. A couple may be at a friend’s BBQ gathering and suddenly the urge is there. Ask your friends to look after the kids while you head home for a short time to pick up a couple of items you forgot.

#2. Mornings are perfect for quickie sex simply because most people are rushed. Men usually are ready first thing in the morning so guys, kiss your wife on the cheek and tell her good morning honey and at the same time press yourself against her. If she’s alert she’ll no where it’s going.

#3. Still on the mornings, if you both get up at a similar time to prepare to go to work, wake up a little earlier and meet in the shower. It’s a perfect spot as you both are satisfied sexually and get showered as well.

#4. Formal social gatherings can be a real bore and are an ideal scenario for some quickie sex. Either find a quiet spot at the function or leave early and go parking on the way home. It could prove to be the highlight of your week.

#5. How about the office. You and your partner will know where and when you can fit it in and get away with it without creating suspicion. Okay, we’re not suggesting the office but more like meeting each other at home for lunch especially if you work within reasonable commuting distance to your home.




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