Who Is This – When You Come To Know Him As He Really Is, Your Life Will Never Again Be The Same!


People asked and needed to know then, and people, at least, need to know today.
This Jesus who was born, of a virgin, at Bethlehem, was and is the Son of God – the Christ – the Messiah.
We date our days from his birth, and one of his many titles is Prince of Peace and he came, and comes, offering peace to men and nations – to Jew and Gentile.
This meek and humble man spoke with such astounding authority.
Evil spirits and demons were afraid of him – yet children played with Jesus and sat upon his knee to be blessed.
When dealing with needy sinners he was graciously loving and compassionately tender – whilst speaking scorching words about sin.
He would not break a bruised reed – yet took a whip to cleanse the Temple.
Initially, thousands would gather, bringing their sick ones, and he would heal them – miraculously feeding those who sat for hours to hear him teach – but once they got their fill the crowds dwindled.
His family and friends thought he was mad – insane – until their eyes were opened to see who this really was.
On the cross he came to do what only God could do – forgive sin.
He shed his blood and gave his life.
No one could do more – not even God. This was God in the flesh – one of us, but without sin.
He rose from the dead – sending out trained equipped empowered disciples – to continue his work – with the promise, “I am with you always”.
It is not primarily about morals, ethics, a philosophical social programme, or preaching – it is about God.
Do you know him? Would you like to know him?
Once you see and know Jesus Christ, you will never be the same again.

Our loving gracious God – here is the only one who can help us in all our various circumstances and predicaments. Heavenly Father, as we slowly emerge from all the restrictions of lockdown – give each of us the strength and courage and ability to move forward and to grow and mature and serve in the name of the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ.


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