Labor Day Sermons You Can Preach This Year


Labor Day sermons help the congregation understand the Biblical interpretation of work. In our culture today, we don’t appreciate the value of service like we should. We are too busy playing with our iPads or playing golf to worry about working! While there is certainly a place for entertainment and relaxation, most Christians don’t understand that there is a Biblical view of labor and service that we should follow. God wants us to glorify him in everything we do, but most people don’t understand exactly how that works. The Labor Day holiday weekend is the perfect opportunity to preach a sermon about service to others. Here are a few topics you could preach about on Labor Day Weekend:

Attitude about Service

Many Christians have a negative attitude about work. They are happy and content on Sunday morning, but they become totally different people on Monday morning! We all would like to work less, but most people have the wrong view of jobs and service. They don’t see how their job and their service in their job can be a ministry. Jesus has called all of us to a life of service, and part of that service is serving our employer in our job. Labor Day sermons are a great time to discuss the correct Biblical attitude about service in your job.

Job is a blessing from God

Our job is a blessing from God. Losing a job and a loss of income can become a nightmare. Ask anyone who is disabled and can’t work, and see how they like not working! Not having a job sounds like fun for a little while, but it is not fun if you can’t pay your bills. No matter how difficult of a job you have, your career is still a blessing from the Lord. Be sure to thank the Lord for the job he has provided for you.

Joseph’s faithful service to his country

The story of Joseph in the book of Genesis is one of the first examples of work and service in the Bible. Joseph’s faithful service when he was a slave led him to become 2nd in command in Egypt, but he never forgot his family even after his brothers sold him into slavery. Joseph could have easily used his power to punish his family for what they did to him, but Joseph instead loved his family and served them.

The importance of the Sabbath

You can also recognize the importance of the Sabbath on Labor Day weekend. Genesis 2:2 talks about how God ended his work and rested on the seventh day. If we want our work to be truly blessed by God, we should rest on the 7th day. Our society today has trained us to believe that working happens from 9 to 5 every day, and then we have the rest of the day off! Labor Day weekend is a great time to remind the congregation that work happens six days a week and not 40 hours a week, and you should still take time off on Sundays. Labor Day sermons are a great time to discuss the importance of observing the Sabbath in our lives.

The Labor Day holiday is a great time to discuss the Biblical view of service. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for your next sermon, be sure to check out some of the great sermons you can find online. It is very easy to complain about our jobs and the economy, but Labor Day sermons can help Christians appreciate everything that they have.



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