It’s Time to Go to the Root


Many of us are waking up to the fact that our psychological/emotional and physical well-being are interconnected. We’ve also become aware that if we’re not living a life of meaning and purpose we’re indeed missing out on something.
So I ask myself, “Does dis-ease manifest on a physical level when our soul has nowhere else to go?” On a personal note, my soul knew at a very young age that I wasn’t being seen the way I needed to be seen so I called in a dis-ease to focus on the physical ramifications of my heart pain rather than the heart pain itself. Of course my personality didn’t know this yet my spirit/soul knew and shifted the burden from heart (emotional) to hands (physical).
The belief that we can alter the chemistry of our cells by changing the way we emotionally feel has been documented in the bestselling works of Louise Hay, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Gregg Braden, and Joe Dispenza, D.C., amongst many other scientists, authors and leaders in the field of healing and transformation.
Ask yourself, “What doesn’t feel right? Am I living my heart desires?” Do I know my life’s purpose? Am I living someone else’s dream and not mine?”
Everyday I am a witness to so many people burdened with sadness and sorrow when it comes to a situation or multiple situations in their lives. It’s a snowball effect. One ailment begets another. People share their physical aches and pains without a deeper understanding or awareness of the root cause. Sometimes it’s a major health issue that arises, bringing forth tremendous fear and confusion. Why now?
Is this physical manifestation a result of your authentic self feeling lost, unsure, conflicted?
Is this indeed a “wake-up call” for you to take care of your heart and soul? I believe these issues rise to the surface for understanding and clearance.
We all have the potential to rid ourselves of anything that no longer serves us, abet emotional, physical or spiritual by healing the residue left behind in our heart space. When we continue to hold onto old belief patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us or anyone around us, we just linger a little bit longer in the state of despair and disease which blocks us from moving forward on our path. What i have come to learn in my own metaphysical healing and in my being the conduit for others healing that these deep seated issues have been festering in the etheric realm way before they surfaced in the physical
Take a minute and identify what you really desire. See whether you can connect the dots between how you feel physically and how you feel emotionally/psychologically. Is there a connection? If so, great!
Now you know it’s time to reach very deep into the source of the energetic dis-ease and release, release, release. That is what freedom looks like.
Our well-being has nothing to do with how we look on the outside.

Healing is a deep internal experience. Soul-deep.



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