Games Where You Play God


God has always fascinated man and almost everyone desires to have God like powers if not be God. One such creation of man is the video games which allow man to have a perfect control over things in an arena. These games not only allows its users to play God but also gives one the option of being a Good God or Evil God or even be a God with shades of gray. Some of the popular games that have been developed to quench the human desire to be God are The Sims, Black & White, Populous, God of War, Afterlife, Too Human, Viva Piñata and Zeus. Given below are details of two famous games where the player can play God.


Utopia is considered to be the first among the Sim and God games and also as is also attributed for being the first game in the genre of real-time. The game was released by Intellivision almost two decades ago and has captivated the interest of the gaming community. It has recently been re-released for Xbox 360 console and for Windows Live. At the beginning of the game, the players are required to choose the number and duration of turns. Each player is to select an island that acts as their kingdom. The player spends gold bars to develop their kingdom by building schools, factory, hospital, housing projects and farms to sustain the population of the kingdom. The game also allows player to place rebels in the opponent’s kingdom who is entrusted with destroying the resources built by the ruler of the kingdom. Each player’s income is generated when the farms receive rain for cultivation from randomly generated rain clouds or by using the fishing boats to source fishes.

Black & White

Black & White 2 is a sequel to Black & White and has been listed by Forbes as a ‘Let you play God’ game. It has been developed by Lionhead Studios and is supported on both the Windows as well as Mac Platforms. The game received positive reactions from the critics and scored an average rating of 76% at Game Rankings. The game is based on “The prophecy” by which the mightiest power of the world will destroy the tribes in the world. The tribe in turn receives a God who is supposed to lead the tribe to its glory and dominance in the world. The creatures in the game include ape, lion, tiger, wolf and cow though the tiger is included only in the pre-ordered or special edition of the game. The player can perform either ordinary miracles such as fire, water, lightning, shield, heal and meteor or perform epic miracles such as siren, hurricane, earthquake and volcano. The God can be a Good, Evil or a combination of both the Good and Evil. The path of an Evil God is more on destruction whereas the path of the Good God is based on benevolence. The cities of these Gods are a reflection of their nature. The game has been much appreciated for its “rich” button less user interface.



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