What Is God’s Sure Will On Financial Prosperity


It is the perfect will of God for you and everyone else on earth to prosper and succeed beyond your wildest imagination. You need to know and believe this statement of fact made above for you to enjoy the power it conveys. 3 John 2 states that, “Beloved, I wish above ALL things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth.” That is a full assurance from the mouth of God that his will for you is to be financially prosperous and buoyant.

If you consider the above statement, and take a closer look at the last clause, “…even as thy soul prospereth”This tells us that our success is tied to how we develop our souls. When we talk about the soul of man we are referring to five important aspects of him; they are as follows: man’s will, his emotion, his memory, his intellect and his imagination. These five areas of your life must be fully developed and mastered for you to actually prosper in life but the good news is that everyone of us can do it.

The Bible tells us the mind of God which states that “I (God) wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. This implies that if your Soul does not prosper, God cannot wish you beyond the level of the development of your Soul. What is the implication of that? Simple, start developing all the five aspects of your soul; your will, emotion, memory, intellect and imagination. For example your emotion can lead you to failure if you do not learn to tame it and control it, most people are brought down by their emotion of anger, some by their insatiable lust for sex and so on. When you develop this emotional powers that God gave you and channel it to positive and productive purposes, you will experience success unlimited.

The imaginative part of your soul is a very potent instrument that determines many things in your life. Most things depends on it, how rich you will ever be is tied to how you use this power of your soul called imagination. God is not partial, everybody will get what he or she sows in life, it is impossible to use your imagination right and still get a wrong result. Sometime there may be some delays, if you will continue to channel your imagination to do the right things, you will encounter great success and prosperity that will baffle you and your greatest critique.

God says, “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.” Another aspect of your soul that is important is your will. Your will is the power in you to choose or decide, and stay with that decision, the will to move on in spite of the difficulties, the will to do that difficult task. This will is a power that will take you from broke to great wealth, if you develop that will and use it rightly, it will lead you to great prosperity and wealth.

At a point in my life I thought that it was not the will of God for my life to prosper, but when I discovered the above secret, things changed for the better in my life. The secret of great success is self development, if you want your business to prosper and succeed greatly, start developing yourself. Every business or organization cannot prosper more than the level of the main man behind it.



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