[The vicious and the caring 😇]

** Prologue **

How will you feel when the people you and love the most is actually the ones who will destroy you??

Meet Gabriela McRae, a 19 years old beautiful and young university student who enjoys helping others and not only that but she’s filthy rich and also the apparent heir to the McRae family.

Daniela McRae is just as beautiful as Anabella (well they are twin sisters hehe). also a university student like her sisters but she’s the complete opposite of her sister. She’s arrogant, rude, vicious and also she’s very jealous of her twin sister!!

Let me introduce to you Jayden Kendrick, super hot, handsome and a dashing gentleman and also he’s Annabella’s boyfriend. But there’s one problem with him, he’s a sex freak!! He can fck anything that has a pssy…

And last but not the least for we’ll meet more character as the story progresses, meet Sebastian Sherman. The heart drob of all the women in the country, very handsome and sexy. He’s also known as Charming devil because not only is he handsome but he’s also cruel and cold hearted…

What will happen when Daniela jealousy will take over her?….

What will happen when all what Gabriela had will come crumpling down to her feet?….


[The vicious and the caring]
Chapter 1, 2 and 3


Gabriela POV

I woke up as I heard the annoying noise of the alarm clock.

I blinked twice and yawned loudly before climbing down from my king sized bed.

I marched sleepily to the mirrow and I gasped as I saw my reflection one the mirrors.

my God!! I look like an octopus with my hair like this”
I took my towel and walked into the bathroom to do my business. If not because I had some classes to attending to right now, I’ll be in bed snuggling with my teddy bear.

Time for introduction… I’m Gabriela McRae daughter of the McRae family. I’m 19 years, a final year student in Oxford university and my favorite color is purple!!

After my bath I decided to wear a black jean, pink top with a pink sneakers. I brushed my hair and allowed it to fall freely.

I picked my bag and I was good to go.

I climbed down the stars and I was glad to see my parents at home. They are rarely at home so it was a miracle to see them.

“Mom, dad, Good morning!!” I pecked their cheeks respectively.

“Good morning my Gaby” mom replied with a smile.

“Hello everyone”

I looked towards the direction where the voice was coming and I was surprised to see Daniela my twin sister…

“Wow,,, you woke up early today!” I said with a smile….

She rolled her eyes before saying “Of course I did aren’t we having classes this morning?”

“We have, but you rarely attend lesson”

Let me present to you my twin sister Daniela McRae. We both offer the same course that is modeling. We look identical the only difference between us is that I’m blonde and she has dark hairs.Strange right…?

I looked at my parents and said “We have to go. Bye, See you later love you”

I carried my bag and we walked out of our house. We boarded a car and the driver drove us to school….


I walked out of the car and waved goodbye at the driver, I turned to face Dany but she was already walking away. I ran and caught up with her before saying…

“Hey, wait why are you in a hurry?”

She ignored me and walked away. That’s all Daniela always hot tempered…


I turned as I heard someone shout my name. I smiled as I saw my best friend running towards me.

“Oh hi Violet, how you doing?” I said while hugging her…

“Everything is fine”

I looked at my wristwatch and said…

“Sorry I have to go now, see you later!”

I ran away heading to class….

Finally my classes were over. I looked at the time and it was still 2pm. Cool, I still had some time free. I began searching for Jayden.

well he’s my boyfriend. We started dating 6 months ago and we love each other very much…
I searched till I was tired. I saw Violet passing and I called for her attention.

“Hey, Violet, have you seen Jayden?”

“Ohh you mean your sweetheart, no I haven’t seen him. Why? anything wrong?”

I sighed and said “No, nothing, just wanted to spend some time with him”

I looked at her and said,,

“Come on let’s go have lunch in a restaurant nearby”

We walked out of the school heading to the restaurant….



Jayden POV

I unbuttoned her shirt and gently took in her breast in my mouth while my hand caressed the other.

“Awwn Jay, I love the way you make me feel”

I smiled and then picked her up and laid her down on a table before saying…

“That means you’re gonna love more what I’m about to do”

I shifted her panties and slid in hitting her womb in one go.

She moaned loudly I kissed her in order to shut her up. We’re in school for God sake…

Well I’m Jayden Kendrick. I’m 24 years a final year student in Oxford university. I study medicine. And most importantly women are my life!!!

Gabriela POV

After we finished having our meal we walked out of the restaurant and I called my driver to come pick us up.

In some minutes, he came. we boarded the car and I ordered him to drop Violet first at her home.

Minutes later we arrived and wow her house was simply fabulous…

“Your house is wow!!” I said still eyeing the house. It was all painted in white.

She chuckled and said “Thanks Gaby Come let me introduce to you my father!”

I hesitated but then she just dragged me out of the car and headed to the gate.

While walking, I was still admiring the house. Its really beautiful…

She entered the house and the interior was more beautiful than the exterior was painted with a mixture of white and black giving it a matured yet chique look.

“You’re back my little mouse!!”

I heard a voice speak. I looked at where it was coming and I saw a man. He looks old but yet he’s still handsome.

“Dad!!” Violet said and ran in to his father’s embrace…

The old man loooked at me and said.

“And who is this fine looking lady?”

I blushed lightly and bowed slightly

“Good day mister” I said

Violeta then spoke…

“Dad, she’s Gabriela my best friend. Gabriela meet my dad,”

He offered a handshake and I took it. He then said..

” Nice meeting you miss Gabriela. I’m Noah Sherman”

“Thanks Mr Noah. I’m Gabriela McRae”

I greeted and then my eyes widened as I heard his name. I whispered in Violet’s ear

“Violet, is he Noah Sherman. The founder of the S corporation. The top selling technical company in the world?”

She smiled and nodded and my mouth dropped.

“And its now you’re telling me! You’re the daughter of this important personality and you couldn’t tell me?”

“I don’t want it to change our friendship. Whenever I tell this to anybody they’ll tend to behave strangely. Please promise me you’ll remain the same”

I playfully hit her head and crossed my arm around her shoulder.

“Of course I will silly. Now let’s go and eat ice cream. I’m starving!!!”

“We just ate minutes ago.”

She led me to the kitchen and we began eating like hungry lions…

T.B.C 💙

The twin sisters episode 4 & 5


[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]


Jayden POV

As I walked in the hall, I went and sat down on an empty stool. I ordered some drinks and I was sipping it while looking at those partying. I heard a familiar voice behind me…

“Hello Jayden”

“Oh hi Daniela, congratulations!”

“Thanks and congrats to you too”

“You’re welcome!”

She sat down beside me and I can’t help but notice that she’s really hot tonight. I quickly diverted my gaze of her as she looked towards me.

“Come on Jay, let’s go dance!”

She pulled me up and walked to the dancefloor. We began dancing and I couldn’t help but notice that she is pressing her breast on my chest. That only began to turn me on….

As the music continued, I spinned her around with her back facing me. She then grinned her butt on my already hardened member.

I couldn’t control myself any longer as my hand went and grapped one of her breast and she moaned softly

I made her face me back and she looked Into my eyes before saying….

“I want you!”

I immediately smiled like a fool (in which he is) and held her hand and walked away with her. I immediately spotted and empty room and we walked inside.

I closed the door, not minding locking it then I turned to her and she immediately crashed her lips on mine. I kissed her back with my hands pressing her butt and pulled her closer.

I didn’t waste time in stripping her and we began the operation, unknown to me that there was a camera and someone watching…

I slowly walked away with the image of what I’ve seen appearing in my mind…

Upon all the girl in this world, he decided to cheat on me with my sister.

Aren’t I beautiful. I’m I not sexy for his kind? Did I do something wrong?

When I think that I was thinking of giving away my virginity to him.

I tried to stop the tears from flowing but it won’t stop so I let it flow.

I walked into the restroom and my feet gave up. I sat down on the floor and wept bitterly.

I stopped crying as I heard a weak voice speaking…

“Someone please help me”

I looked around and saw no one then I walked deeper in the restroom but still I saw no one. I decided to walk out of the restroom but I stopped as I walked in something liquid.

I looked down and I was shocked as I noticed it was blood!!

The blood were coming out of the door. I opened the door and I gasped


She was laying on the floor surrounded by her own pool of blood.

I immediately rushed to her side and carefully lifted her head and placed it on my laps.

“Who did this to you?”

She weakly lifted her hands up and with her blood she wrote on a wall but she couldn’t finish as I felt her hand fall on my lap..

She’s death!!

I looked at the wall and I saw that she wrote “Mas” on the wall.

With horrified expression I looked back at Ruby, I tapped her jaw and said

“Ruby…Ruby….please wake up, please”

I tapped her jaw but I got no reply. Thats when it dawn on me that she’s death.

Immediately the door to the restroom was knocked down. I looked at those in the door and I froze as I saw police men standing at the door with their gun pointed at me.

“Miss, you are under arrest for the murder of miss Ruby Morgan. You ought to remain quiet, if you don’t have a lawyer the law will provide one for you”

My eyes widened as I heard what he said…

“I didn’t kill her, I came in here and saw her she she was…”

They cut me off before I could finish

“Men!! take her!”

Some men walked up to me and handcuffed me then they dragged me out of the restroom heading to the exit of the hall.

obeyed them and walked calmly with my eyes void of any emotion….
As we reached the hall, all eyes were on me. Some looked at me in pity, some in disgust, some with happiness.

Suddenly an elderly woman ran to me and slapped me hard on the face then shook my body while screaming.


Some cops came and held her then walk away with her still screaming and crying loudly…

I looked at my right and I saw my sister together with Jayden. They were standing not too far away from me.

I could see mockery in their eyes. I held back my tears and looked in front before continuing walking with the cop

When we were now outside, as I made to enter the car I heard my name


I looked back and I saw Violet. Her eyes were already red as a result of crying…

She ran and hugged me tight. I couldn’t hug her back as my hands we’re handcuffed so I just placed my head on her shoulder.

“I believe you Gaby,,I know you’re innocent. You would never kill”

I smiled with tears flowing out of my eyes and said


She broke the hug and looked at me in the eyes before saying…

“I’ll have to go now. Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine okay”

I looked and I saw that guy that help me out standing not far away from us with a shock expression…

“Promise me you’ll be fine Gaby? please promise me?”

“I promise, now go on!!”

She hugged me back and released me then I watched as that man came and held her hand before walking away with her.

I entered the car with the cops and they drove off with me to the police station….

As I reached the police station, they removed my handcuff and led me to a detention cell.

I entered and looked around. The place was dirty, cold and stinky, completely different from the life I live.

I sat down on the floor and curled myself on the ground then I led out the tears I’ve being holding.

“I’m scared, I’m so scared!!”

I cried till I drifted off to sleep…

Violet POV

Sebastian helped me get to my room. I sat down on my bed and cried bitterly.

I felt my brother’s arm around me.

“Shh, don’t cry. Everything will be ok”

I hugged him and cried myself to sleep…

Gabriela POV

“Hey get up! Get up!”

I opened my eyes as I heard a voice speaking to me. I looked outside and saw a woman dressed in a police outfit

“Today is your judgment day. You’ll be judged today”

I stood up from the ground and dusted my dress before walking out of the cell.

They handcuffed me and we walked out of the police station.

Reporters were everywhere taking pictures of me. I already expected it to happen, as the daughter of McRae its bound to happen.

I boarded the car together with the police men and they drove off to the Court.

We arrived there after sometime and I alighted the car. I squinted my eyes as the result of the sunlight and then they dragged me in to the Court.

When I entered, all the people I knew where present. My parents, my sister, Jayden, Violet and that handsome guy from last night together with the parents of Ruby.

I was shown where to seat and the process began…



After the debate we were given a 30minutes break. I walked out together with the police men tailing beside me.

I saw Violet run and hugged me. I smiled for the first time today.

“How are you doing Gaby?”

“I’m managing and you?”

“Me too”

She touched my face and said…

“Oh gosh look how your beautiful face is all dirty”

She took a handkerchief and began wiping my face. I smiled again at her act, she’s really my sister from another mother.

I looked back at that handsome guy and he was still staring at us. I looked back at violet and said…

“Um who’s that guy over there. He’s been staring at us for a while”

She turned and looked back before looking at me…

“Oh he’s my big brother, Sebastian.”


The police came and took me and headed back inside the court room…

I sat down on my seat and looked at the judge… He then said…

“As per the evidence we’ve just heard, miss Gabriel McRae is here by proven guilty for murder and will be therefore sentence to jail for life imprisonment!”

I froze and all color drained away from my face. I didn’t know what to do or say.

I came back to my senses and began panicking.

“No. I’m innocent. I didnt kill her, please believe me please!!”

I broke into loud sobs. Some police came and yanked me off my seat and dragged me out of the court room.

watched as Violet ran and hugged me tightly and cried…
I stood still and cried too with her. I looked back at his brother and said…

“Please take care of her for me”

He nodded with a sad expression. I looked back at Violet and said…

“Goodbye Violet!”

The police dragged me away and I could hear Violet crying and shouting my name but I didnt turn back.

I boarded the car and they drove me to prison. I reached the prison and a woman said…

“Please remove all of your jewelry and put it in here”

I removed all of my jewelry and when I removed the necklace I was wearing, I smiled sadly. It was Daniela who gave me this. I placed it too in the box and they handed me my jail dress then they guided me to the bathroom

After I freshen up and changed into my outfit, I was guided to my prison cell.

I saw two ladies, one was laying on the bed and the other was folding her dresses.

I quietly walked and sat down on a free bed then I began thinking of all what happened till now. Never thought I’ll end up in prison one day. I closed my eyes in order to take a nap…

I opened my eyes and I was startled as I saw two faces close to mine.

I stood up from bed and looked at the two women. One of them spoke, she was dark skinned.

“What’s your name?”

“Umm, Gabriela. Nice meeting you guys”

The other woman tapped my hair and said…

“No need to be scared we’re good guys!”

I nodded still looking at them. I then asked…

“What’s your names?

The one with the dark skin spoke…

“I’m Beatrix”

“And I’m Eleanor”

Nice meeting you guys. I said and smiled…

Eleanor spoke while pinching my chin…

“Awwn you have such cute dimples”

I blused and said….

“Thank you!”

Beatrix then spoke…

“Can I know why a cutie like you is in this hell with us?”

I frowned and said

“I was wrongly accused for murder..”

Beatrix then spoke…

“I’m here because I killed my husband. He tried to hurt my daughter.”

I held her shoulder and said…

“I’m sorry about that…”

She smiled and said…

“It’s okay I’m through it”

Eleanor then spoke…

“And I’m here because I was caught smuggling drugs in the country. From that day I stopped taking drugs”

We laughed because she was making faces while speaking….

A police woman came and hit the bars in our cell and said…

“Lunch time”

We stood up and walked out heading to the lunch room.

After our lunch, we walked back to our cell room. The lunch wasn’t really tasty but it was filling…

I fell on my bed and borrowed Eleanor’s book to read when the same policewoman came back again and said…

“Miss Gabriela, you have visitors.”

I stood up and I was led to the visitors room. I sat down and when I saw who entered the cell room, anger washed through me…

Daniela entered the room with a bright smile playing on her lips. She walked and sat down in front of me and then I watched as she wrinkles her nose.

“Eww,,you smell!”

I kept mute, I was just glaring at her and then she spoke…

are you looking at me? Are you that desperate that you had to kill my best friend?”
I still kept mute while folding my fists pouring out my anger on my fists

“Cat got your tongue?”

“If you’re done you can leave!!”

“Why are you acting like that?”

I chuckled darkly and said…

“I saw all what you were doing with Jayden”

She smirked and said…

“You mean the way we had sex? It was so passionate and romantic. The best night ever!!”

“From what I saw you were the one who threw yourself at him. I thought you were cheap but this one, that’s really messed up”

“How dare you”

She raised her hand to slap me but I held her hand and pinned her on the wall while holding her neck

“The next time I see your face, just know that I came back for revenge!”

I released her neck and she began coughing. Then she laughed again then said…

” I almost forgot, mom and dad asked me to tell you that you shouldn’t expect them to come see you, they already disowned you and they’re really ashamed of you”

She said that and walked away….

I fought back my tears, then turned to walk away but the police woman said…

“You still have another visitor”

I sat down and waited for my next visitor. My face brighten up as I saw who it was.


[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]


Gabriela POV


I stood up and ran and hugged her. I looked back and saw her brother standing not far away with his arms crossed.

We broke the hug and I said…

“I’m so glad you came! I missed you”

She was trying hard not to cry. I held her shoulders and said…

” hey don’t you dare cry, okay? I hate it when they pity me! I’m fine I assure you”

She nodded and wiped away her tears before saying…

“I missed you Gaby”

“Me too bestie”

I looked back at his brother and said with a smile…

“Hi Sebastian!!”

He nodded with a smile, Still staring at us. We sat down and we began discussing like before.

“Your time is over”

I looked at the police woman before returning my gaze at Violet.

“I’ll be leaving Violet! Goodbye!!”

We briefly hugged each other and I waved goodbye at Sebastian before walking away…..

I entered my cell and I met Eleanor and Beatrix playing cards. I sat down in between them and looked keenly at how the game was proceeding….

Beatrix then spoke….

“So how did the visit go?”

“Well it was good but mostly bad, can’t believe my own parents don’t want to see me. They even disowned me..”

She patted my back and said…

“Sorry for that baby, but that’s how this kind of life is. It’s in this kind of situation that you’ll know those who are there for you”

I nodded with a sad smile.

Eleanor then spoke…

“So what should we discuss on?”

Beatrix said with a smirk…

“How about we discuss about sex. So with who was your first time?”

I blushed and said…

“Um I haven’t done that before”

That topic suddenly reminded me of Jayden but I shrug that feeling away. Beatrix spoke again, seems like she’s the talkative person….

“Oh my gosh, our newbie here is still a v. Don’t worry you’ll find your prince charming”

I arched a brow at her and said…

“Are you serious? I’ve been sentenced for life imprisonment so there’s no way that’s gonna happen besides I don’t do love again. Love always hurts

They laughed and said…

“Welcome to the heart broken group. Your subscription card please?”

I laughed at their silliness. They’re always goofing around even during serious moment…”

Eleanor then spoke….

“Come on let’s go its work time.”

We walked out of the cell room and went to do our chores…


These days have been manageable for me. With Beatrix and Eleanor, life is less boring here…

I’ve been receiving visits from only Violet and his brother, the others well I think they just forgot about me.

“Come on Gaby, you can do it!!”

“I’m doing it okay?”

Presently we were at the prison compound, doing work out. I was being challenged to do 20 abs workout.

“Come on Gaby, remaining 5 more and you win!”

” 15..16..17..18..19..20!”

I fell on the ground and began catching my breath…

“You guys are really brutal!”

Eleanor spoke while helping me get up…

“Its for your own good. You have to toughen up in order to survive here.”

I nodded with a smile…. Then I saw Michelle walking towards us with an evil smile.

“You come here and wipe my shoes, you fix my hair it’s all mess up, you give me your hairpin, I like the color”

She kept ordering everybody till she reached where I was standing. She came and stood in front of me and said…

“And you blondy, I want you to wash my feet, now”

I stood there not knowing what to say, I don’t want to create any enemies.

Suddenly she pushed me down and I landed on my butt.

“Are you deaf or what, I asked you to wash my feet”

I stood up while wincing. I wanted to comply and wash her feet but now I changed my mind.

“I won’t wash your feet, you aren’t God or something”

She became angry and grabbed my hair roughly before saying…

“What did you just say, I asked you to wash my feet and you dare refuse. I’m the boss around here. Do you know what I can do to you”

“Kill me all you want but I’ll never comply. I’m not your puppet and I’ll never be”

She punched my stomach very hard that I knelt on the floor while holding my stomach. She grabbed my hair very harshly that I couldn’t help but cry…

I struggled to get out of her grip but it was too hard. I bit her hand and she let go.

“How dare you!”

She gave me a thunderous slap. I looked at my left and I saw some girls holding Beatrix and Eleanor in place.

I looked back at Michelle with a murderous glare, then stood up and gave her a punch.

She smiled and said…

“You want a fight huh then you get it!”

She rolled her sleeves up and launched at me. She punched me, kicked me. I dodged some but receive most of them.

I got angry and landed her a blow on her pretty face, she’s really beautiful though…

I gave her a punch in the stomach and tackled her. She fell down then I came on top of her and I gave her thunderous punches till her face was barely recognizable….

I stood up and glared at those who were holding Beatrix and Eleanor.

“Let them go or receive the same treatment”

They immediately leg them go. I walked away and they followed me. Eleanor held my hand and said…

“Oh gosh,,, look at your pretty face it’s all bruised. Come let’s get you to the infirmary”

They held my hand and walked away with me to the infirmary.

When my wounds were bandaged and treated, we walked to our room.

I laid down carefully and exhaled loudly. Beatrix now began talking…

“Its your second week being here and look you’re already creating enemies everywhere. Oh God, I’m really scared of what Michelle will do to you. She’s really dangerous. I heard she stabbed a person till death because the person made fun of her short hair”

“Calm down Trixie, you’re going to give me headache just by talking like that!”

I closed my eyes before saying…

“By the way does anyone know why she’s locked up here?”

Eleanor climbed on top of her bed before saying…

“I heard that the reason why she’s here is because she killed the fiancé of the man she loved”

I scoffed and said…

“That woman wasn’t supposed to be send to prison, she was supposed to be sent to an asylum”

I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep….


“Ouch, go easy okay? It hurts!!”

I was on my bed and one of our friends, Jade was drawing a tattoo on my lower belly. It hurts a little but I asked for it.

“Ouch, please go easy. It hurts”

Eleanor said….

“You asked for it right, now what are you yamming about”

“You girls have a tattoo. I want to have mine too”

Finally it was done. I stood up and looked at a small mirror hanging on the wall. It was really pretty but it stings alot. It was a red rose.

“Thanks Jade”

She smiled and said….

“Anytime blondy!!”

One of the guards came and said….

“You have a visitor miss McRae”

I looked at the girls and said….

“Have to get going. When I’ll be back, we’ll begin with our training!”

I walked out of the cell room and pocketed my hands before heading to the visitor’s room

I reached there hoping to see Violet but to my surprise, it was only Sebastian.

“Good morning Sebastian”

“Morning Gabriela. Violet is out of town and she will be back in two weeks, while she’s away she asked me to check up on you”

I smiled and said…

“I’m fine Sebastian no need to be frequently checking up on me. I’m adapting to this place”

He lifted his hands up and a police woman entered. He then spoke….

“Please may I have a little walk with miss McRae round the prison compound?”

She nodded, probably because of his status. Who would dare refuse the CEO of S corporation, including the fact that he’s devilishly handsome….

He looked back at me and said….

“Come on miss Gabriela let’s go”

We stood up and I led the way to the prison compound. When we arrived there all eyes were on us, mostly him. I looked at him and he seems unfazed with the stares he received…

We stopped walking and then I turned up at him, he was really tall though. He then spoke…

“So do you mind sharing with me what happened on that day?”

I inhaled deeply before I began narrating all what happen during that day.

When I finished narrating, he took a step closer to me with his gaze burning on my face. I subconsciously took a step back…

He then raised his hands and I winced as I felt his hand on my face. I opened back my eyes and I noticed he was wiping off the tears in my eyes. I didnt even notice I was crying while narrating. He then spoke…

“I’m sorry you have to go through all this, Gabriela. And also I believe you, you’re innocent and I’ll do everything in my power to clear your name”

“Thanks Sebastian, I’ll forever be grateful if you do so”

He leaned towards me and I froze as I felt his hot breath on my ear. He said…

“And also I don’t bite, I can be ruthless when you have me as enemy but I can also be as harmless as a feather. So stop being scared of me”

He stepped away from me before saying…

“I’ll leave you now. Goodbye Gabriela”

I simply nodded and he walked away. Immediately he was out of site, I exhaled loudly. That was too forward and direct…

I turned and wow, I saw a huge crowd of people in front of me. They began firing me with questions like…

*What’s his name?
*Is he single?
*Is he your boyfriend?
*Can you introduce him to me?

What is wrong with women and handsome men? I made a way and quickly ran to my cell room.

As soon as I stepped foot in my cell room, the girls fired question at me…

“Who was that dripping handsome dude who visited you?”

I exhaled and pinched the skin between my brow and said

“He’s just my best friend’s older brother. Hi kwaku ome on+23354 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. What’s wrong with you guys, not like he’s that handsome or something…”

Jade grabbed my collar and said…

“Are you out of your mind, that dude is dripping handsome, definitely the most handsome man I’ve met”

Well that’s right he is handsome but seriously they’re exaggerating. I spoke back…

“Okay, okay, I agree with you, now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and take my bath”

With that said, I picked up my towel and walked out heading to the bathroom. I entered the bathroom and luckily no one was there. I hate having my bath with other people.

I placed my towel on a stool and I began unbuttoning my my shirt.

As made to unbutton the fourth button, I jumped as I saw the reflection of Michelle standing behind me with a smile playing on her lips…

“What do you want?”

She smiled before answering…

“I promised you I’ll get you for that right?

With slow and steady steps, I began walking away but she quickly walked towards me and grabbed my hair and pulled me towards her.

“See you in hell blondy,,,”

As soon as she said those words, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked down and I saw blood gushing out of the area she stabbed.

“No…I can’t die here”

I removed my jacket leaving me with only my singlet then I tore it and tied it round my waist to prevent the blood loss.

With my hand placed on my stomach, I limped out of the hospital. Suddenly I saw people running everywhere.

I managed to stop one of the people running and I asked her…

“What’s wrong?”

“A fire broke on, quickly get out of here before the building collapses”

Oh no!! I have to save Beatrix, Eleanor and Jade. I limped to our cell and luckily was empty,,,maybe they succeeded in escaping.

I limped towards the exit but the fire has already blocked the entrance. I looked everywhere and fire surrounded me,,, I was the only remaining one.

I coughed as the smoke kept on accumulating. My knees gave up and fell on the ground, while coughing.

Maybe I was destined to die in such way. My head began spinning and I closed my eyes as I was engulfed in darkness


The twin sisters episode 6 & 7

[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]



Gabriela POV

“Help help me”

“You’ll die in this fire, that’s what you deserve for stealing Jayden from me (evil laugh)”

“No!! please help me Dany please!!”

(Turns and walk away)


I screamed as I opened my eyes. I rose up from bed with wide eyes…

Where I’m I? I still remember vividly I was in prison.

I looked around me and I was laying on a bed, a comfortable one to be sincere, and the room is very beautiful.

The memories of what happened began flushing in my brain. I’m still alive,,, but where I’m I, I don’t remember how I got here.

I climbed down from the bed, and with slow steps I walked to the door. I turned the door knob and walked out of the room and I was even more shocked….

The place looks really beautiful and fantastic. Where I’m I?

I began walking while looking at the different paintings that were hung on the wall.

The person who live here really loves painting. I walked to a door and turned the door knob then I stepped inside…

Looks like a room and from the looks of it the person living here must be wealthy.

I walked in fully and I spotted a bed. I walked and fell on it. Its being long since I layed on a comfortable bed.

Before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep….

I slowly opened my eyes and I came face to face with a handsome face.


Shifted away from the person before I realized that it was Sebastian.

He sat down beside me before saying….

“Thank goodness you woke up, do you know you were unconscious for six good months!!”

“What six months? What happened back then? How did I get here?”

He came closer and I shifted away. I don’t know why but I don’t feel too comfortable with him near me.

“Well I was driving to the prison when I saw people running out and running everywhere, I drove there quickly and I asked one of the prisoners running. She told me there’s a fire accident. I searched for you but you weren’t found. It later dawned on me that you might still be trapped into the building, so I found a way in the building and I spotted you lying at the exit.It looked like you were stabbed. I picked you up and called our family doctor who treated you and saved you.”

I touched my stomach and its true I’m alive. I don’t know why but I felt very happy when he told me that he saved. It made me feel like someone cared for me, a feeling I haven’t felt for a long while…

I looked back at him and said…

“Thank you for saving me Sebastian. It’s being a long while since I felt like someone really cared about my existence”

I looked down wiped away the tears that involuntarily came out of my eyes. I then felt a hand on my cheek, I looked up and he was staring at me. I could see some unknown feeling in his eyes and that feeling is making me really uncomfortable….

I coughed and removed his hands off my face. He then continued…..

“The prison cell was constructed back and prisoners were all caught but they couldn’t find four of them. Equally the whole world thinks you’re death right now”

My eyes widened as he said those words…


“You heard me right. I don’t know who they found in the there but they took that person for you and now to the whole world thinks you were death six months ago”

This news is really shocking. How can I be unconscious for six straight months and the whole world thinks that I’m death….

“So where I’m I right now?”

“You’re at my house, I wanted to take you to my father’s house but people will notice you”

I nodded with big round eyes…

Then stood up and said….
“I’ll leave now, please feel free you’re at home. The maids will provide you with all you want and most importantly please stay at home, don’t leave”

I nodded and he walked away. I stood up and walked out of his room then began walking round the house…

His house is really big and beautiful with all these paintings around. Did he paint all these?

I walked to the living room and sat down, then I put on the television and what I saw put me into a huge huge wave of anger….

It was Daniela, she was walking on the stage. I heard the man speaking on the television say:

“Look at our beautiful miss Daniela McRae, as graceful as ever definitely the most beautiful woman in this show”

She took the microphone and smile before speaking

“Hello everyone, hope you’re enjoying the show, first of all I want to thank each and everyone of you for nominating me the best model of the year, it really means a lot to me. Thanks everyone and have a beautiful day.”

She kept back the mic and walked down the stage suddenly they showed another person whom I hate as much as her.

Jayden walked up to her and kissed her on the lips then the whole crowd began screaming.

I switched of the television and walked upstairs to my room.

I changed into a hoodie, jeans and I tied up my hairs before wearing a cap.

I sneaked out of the mansion and boarded a cab heading to my parents house…

Violet POV

As soon as I got out of the plane, the driver drove me to me Sebastian house.

He actually called me telling me that Gaby finally woke up, I’m so excited to see her.

I reached his mansion in no time and entered but I saw the maids were in panic.

“Calm down everyone, what’s happening here”

A maid replied obviously trembling….

“Its…it’s miss Gabriela, we can’t find her”

“What? How can you not find her?”

I removed my phone and immediately dialed Seb’s number.

📞 Violet?

📞 Seb,,,I’m at your house right now and I can’t find Gabriela!!

📞 What??!!

He immediately hung up the call. I put back my phone and began pacing tho and fro

Gabriela POV

I alighted the cab and paid the man then I looked at the place I once called home.

I walked to the gate and rang the bell then I stood there waiting for someone to open up…

Suddenly a hand grabbed me by my arm and dragged me to a corner. I struggled and yanked the arm of my arm.

I then looked up to see Sebastian…


He held my shoulder and shook it before saying….

“Are you out of your mind? Just what were you trying to do. Do you know what could happen if someone recognize you”

I slapped his hand off my shoulder and Shouted back at him…

“I don’t care what could have happen, I don’t also care if they catch me and send me back to jail. All I want right now is to see my parents to hold them in my arms even if it’s the least thing I’ll do”

I was already in tears. He then said…

“You mean your parents, the one who never came to visit you, the one who completely abandoned you in that prison, the one who disowned you the moment they heard you were imprisoned? Huh?”

I cried more and said….

“Stop talking… you know nothing about me, you know nothing about what I’m going through! So stop interfering in my life”

He became quiet and released me before saying….

“We’re leaving.”

He held my hand and walked to his car before driving back to his mansion..

He dropped me off before driving away. I entered back the mansion with a dull expression.

To my greatest surprise, I saw Violet sitting down on a couch, she seems lost in thought.


She immediately looked up and ran towards me engulfing me with her arms…

“Goodness Gabriela, were did you go. I was worried sick of you. Thank goodness you’re alive!!”

“I’m sorry I made you worry. I’m fine Violet don’t worry”

We broke the hug and I smiled at her, but I can’t help but feel bad for what I told Sebastian, I must have hurt him…

We walked and sat down on a couch and I asked…

“So what are you doing now?”

“Well I’m the deputy CEO of my brother’s company”

“That’s really cool Violet, I’m really proud of you. I could have being a top model if not for what transpired.”

She pressed my shoulder and said…

“Do you have a clue of who could have done this to you?”

“I have no clue to proof my innocence…oh yes I remember, before Ruby died she tried writing the name of her murderer. She wrote Mas something like that”

She thought for a moment before asking…

“Could your sister be involved in what happened for you”

“No, I don’t think she had anything to do with it. When the incident happen she was busy cheating on me with Jayden”

Gasped before saying…
“I’m so sorry Gaby. I could only imagine what you went through”

I smiled before saying…

“It’s okay, I’ve gotten over it, the only thing that I feel for them is revenge. And besides life in prison wasn’t boring with Beatrix, Eleanor and Jade. I just hope they’re fine where ever they are”

“Alright, come on Gaby let’s go have some girls time like we use to. And also is it me or you look more sexy and beautiful….”

I blushed and said….

“Oh come on Violet, you look even more gorgeous than me now. I hope you’ve found yourself a boyfriend”

“Um more like a fiancé”

I gasped and squiled…

“OMG Violet, I’m so happy for you!! Hope I’ll be invited”

“Come on Gaby, we haven’t even settle the date yet. But when we do of course you’ll be invited, you’ll be the bridesmaid”

“Thanks, I’m so happy for you Violet.”

“Awwn thanks baby. Now come on let’s bring back your beauty”

We walked in a room and she called a massager….

Sebastian POV

Today was sure a busy day. I finished with the important files I’ve being working on.

I looked at the time and it was 8pm, time for me to go back home. I pack my things and walked out of my office then looked at my secretary, it’s the third one I’m hiring within two months.

“Lock my office and also prepare the require things I need for my meeting tomorrow”

With that said, I walked away without sparing her a glance.

I boarded my car and drove off to my house.

I parked my car and went in, and I was welcomed with laughter and giggles.

I handed my bag to one of the maids before walking to where the giggles and laughter were coming from. Violet and Gabriela were sitting on the sofa and they seem to be laughing over what Gabriela said….

Violet noticed my presence and said

“Sebastian, you’re back. Take a look at the new Gabriela”

My eyes widened as I saw Gabriela face. She’s more….more pretty,,,

Suddenly I remember what she told me and my face harden.

“Not bad”

With that said I walked to my room to take a shower….

Gabriela POV

I watched as he walked away from us. I think I hurt him very badly. I have to apologize for what I said to him

I stood up and said to Violet…

“I’ll be back in a jiffy”

With that said I walked away, heading to his room….

I knocked on his door twice but I heard no response so I turned the door knob and walked inside…

“Sebastian, are you here?”

Suddenly I saw him coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped round his waist. I quickly turned away and said…

“I’m sorry, I did not know you were showering”

“It’s okay”

After sometime he then spoke,,,,

“You can turn now!”

I turned slowly and looked back at him. He was already dressed but his hair were still wet making him look more hot that I can eat him up…what I’m I even thinking?!

“Um, I came here…to apologize for what I said earlier. I didn’t mean any of it, the truth is that I was just too frustrated. I’m really grateful for all what you did for me”

Sniffed in the tears that were threatening to fall.
“I’m sorry Seb…”

I stopped talking as I felt his warm hands on my cheek, then he began taking a step closer to me. I took a step back but my back hit the door…I was trapped…

What is he trying to do??…I placed my hand on his chest trying to push him away but he didn’t even buldge.

He leaned closer towards me and my eyes widened.


It seems like he wasn’t listening….When our lips were just inches apart, I shut my eyes tight but suddenly he stepped away from me and said….

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t in my right state of mind”

I opened my eyes and stared at him. He runned his hand through his hair and then said…

“About what you said earlier, I have forgiven you. I understood that you might be frustrated. I was just hurt because my mother died in my arms and you kind of reminded me what happen”

I suddenly felt guilty…

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. I’m through it although sometimes memory of what happens sometimes pop in my head”

He paused before continuing….

“She took a bullet that was meant for me.I was attacked and on that fateful day I and my mom were supposed to go out. A bullet was fired at my direction but she intercepted and it hit her. She died on the spot. The criminal were apprehended and sent to jail”

I held his shoulder and said….

“I’m sorry once more”

He placed his hand on mine and I felt a strange sensation so I stylishly removed my hand.

He then stood up and lend me his hand before saying…

“Come with me, I want to show you something”

I placed my hand on his warm hands and he led me out of his room then walked to a room.

He put on the light and I was amazed as I saw many beautiful paintings.

“Did you paint all this?”

“Yes,, I use to do this when I’m sad or bored or also happy”

He pulled me towards a particular painting. I don’t know why but I don’t want him to let go my hand, it feels so good…

“Here’s my mother”

I was amazed by the woman he drew. She was so beautiful, and her eyes were so pretty, with the darkest and long hair….

“She’s really pretty and cute just like you”

I placed a hand on my lips as I realized what I just said….

He chuckled lightly and said….

“Thanks for the compliment”

I looked at the different paintings in the room and I smiled at how beautiful they were. I heard him say….

“You have the most beautiful eyes ever and also have the cutest dimples I’ve ever seen”

I blushed and looked down before saying…..

“Thank you”

[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]


I blushed and looked down before saying

“Thank you”

“No need to thank me it’s the truth by the way”

He held my hand again a walked out of the room. I followed him still staring at his hands that held mine.

He stopped at the doorstep of my room before saying….

“Do you want to make a come back tomorrow?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“What I mean to say is, I can sense a burning flame of revenge in you and I can help you with that. If you want tomorrow I can call one of the best mask fabricator that I know. Of course you won’t be wearing a mask, it will be like a sort of another skin is being places on your face. He can help you out and hide your real face. When that is done you can move how you want in public. Of course that will not be permanent for we’ll have to find who really killed Ruby”

I was flabagarsted by what he said, this was simply too good to be true. I jumped happily and pulled him down then gave him a peck on the cheek before hugging him tightly still while jumping….

My eyes widened as I realized what I was doing. I immediately released him and pulled away from him….

“Um,,,I’m sorry Sebastian I was just too happy”

“It’s fine”

“Goodnight Seb”


I closed the door and breathed heavily. What did I just do? What’s wrong with me?

I slowly walked to my wardrobe and change into my nightie before going to bed but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t sleep.

I stood up frustratedly and walked out of my room. I slowly walked barefooted on the cold floor. I spotted a balcony so I opened the door to it and walked to the balcony.

A smile formed on my lips as the night wind caressed my face…

“You like it here?”

Sebastian POV

I walked up to the balcony and surprisingly the door was opened. I walked in and I met Gabriela standing at the balcony, while smiling widely…

Truth be told, I fell in love with her the very first day I set my eyes on her. Love at first sight they call it….

The only problem is that she doesn’t feel the same way towards me but I will never give up. I’ll do everything it takes to make her fall for me…

“Like what you see”

She turned and faced me before smiling out those dimples that always makes my heart race. She then spoke…

“Oh I didn’t notice you were there. Couldn’t sleep like me?”


I walked and sat down on a bench before saying.

“Sometimes I just wish to be like the stars they’re free from all this injustice in the society”

She sat down beside me and said…

“When I’m down I used to stare at the stars and I’ll say to myself just like the stars, my own time to shine will come”

I pinched her chin which seemed to startle her. Guess I’m moving too fast for her pace…

I continued staring at the stars when suddenly I felt something on my shoulder. I turned and looked at her and she already fell asleep.

I lifted her up and walked to her room then placed her on her bed and covered her properly with the duvet then I placed a kiss on her forehead before saying…

“If only you knew how much I love you”

I walked out of her room and closed the door and as I turned to walk back to my room, I was startled by Violet staring at me with her arm crossed. She then spoke…

“You love her do you?”

I looked away and simply nodded. I heard her say…

“I’m happy for that. Gabriela is such a sweet girl but please when you succeed in wooing her, please don’t break her heart”

“I promise that I’ll love her with all my heart”

She smiled and walked away. I then entered my room and went to bed.

Gabriela POV

Before the alarm could ring, I was already up. I happily walked to the bathroom while humming a song.

After I took my bath, I applied my body cream and I wore a short floral gown. I looked at myself one the mirror and I smiled at my reflection.

I took my brush and brush my hair before tying it into a pony tail then I walked out of my room heading to the dining room

I took my seat beside Sebastian before saying…

“Good morning everyone”

Violet said with a smile…

“Good morning Gaby,,,wow you’re so pretty today. Is there an occasion?”

“I’m just happy that’s all”

I looked at Sebastian and he was busy with his food. I turned to my food and began eating with a smile on my face.

Sebastian then said…

“The mask fabricator will arrive in an hour time. When he’s done with it you’ll have to go an apply as a model at the Evans collection. That’s where your sister works, and also your new name is Nicole Flores”

I smiled at him before saying….

“Thank you Sebastian, that really means a lot to me”

He smiled and resumed eating. After his meal he stood up and said…

“I’ll leave now, I have an important meeting to attend to”

He walked away. I also stood up and said to Violet…

“I’ll be right back”

She was smiling widely before saying…

“Sure. Take your time”

I ached a brow at what she said before running towards Sebastian. I reached to where he was and I said…


He stopped walking and turned to me…

“Yes, anything wrong?”

“I wanted to ask you a question. Why are you helping me, I did nothing for you to help me like this. There must be a reason behind it and I want to hear it”

He walked towards me and stood in front of me with his towering height before saying…

“Are you sure you want to hear it?”

I nodded while staring at his hazel eyes…

He held my chin and lifted my head up then he leaned forward. My heart began racing as to what he was about to do.

As our lips were just inches apart, I shut my eyes close and then I felt his soft lips press softly onto mine…

After some minutes he pulled away and looked into my eyes. And in those eyes, I could see a feeling that I’ve never seen in any other person….

I could see pure genuine love. I was brought back to earth as he said…

“I’m head over heels for you Gabriela”

I kept staring at him with my thought all messed up…

“I know you might not feel the same way towards me but I’ll wait till the day you’ll say those three magical words to me”

He then pecked my lips again before saying…

“I’ll leave you now Gabriela”

He released my chin and walked to his car before driving away

I stood there for some minutes before going back in to meet Violet but still with my thought on what he said…

I went and sat down on my seat and took my fork to resume eating but my thought drifted to the kiss.

It’s not my first kiss but this kiss is definitely the most memorable kiss I’ve receive. I can still feel his lips on mine.

Without knowing, I touched my lips with my thought still on the kiss.

Violet then spoke bringing me back…

“Don’t tell me he kissed you?”

“How did you know?”

She clapped her hands happily and said…

“So I was right?! Wow I never knew my brother can be so direct!!”

“How did you know?”

“Oh come on Gaby, it’s evident that he kissed you. Just look at how you are touching your lips and besides he told me last night that he has feelings for you”

“He really did?”

“Yep and I won’t meddle on your affairs but I know my brother and when loves, its for real. He can be like a cold stone but trust me within that cold stoned heart, there’s a warm and sweet side of him”

I nodded and smiled at her still finding it hard to believe. She then spoke…

“The decision is all yours to take Gaby but can you imagine us being sisters in law? Ahh! That’ll be so great!!”

I laughed at her silliness before resuming my breakfast. Not long after, the person Sebastian called arrived and the operation began….


“You can now open your eyes miss Gabriela”

I opened them as he said those words and I gasped as I looked at my reflection. I’m completely unrecognizable, this is so cool…

I touched my face and it felt so real! It’s almost like it’s not a mask.

He handed me a box and said…

“Here, in this box you have all what is required to do it. All you have to do is apply this cream and wait for it to dry then you can apply your makeup. If you want to remove it that’s simple just watch your face with water and it’ll peel off”

I nodded and took the box before placing it on my wardrobe.

He walked out of my room and I closed the door then I went and removed the dress that I was going to wear. I then said to no one in particular

“Like I promise you Daniela I’m coming for revenge. You and Jayden you better enjoy your last moment for I’ll break you into piece”

With that said I threw the dress I was going to wear on the bed before going in to shower….

After my shower, I applied my body cream with my mask then I wore my dress.

The dress was a gold colored backless gown that ended above my knees which hung perfectly on my body like it was made for me…

I wore my heels then put on my perfume and I curled up my hair and I allowed it to fall freely.

I applied my red lipstick which highlight my small kissable lips and I now put on my ear rings

In short, I made sure to dress up into a femme fatale…

I put on my shades and picked up my purse before walking out of the room…

I elegantly walked down the stairs and I met Violet downstairs.

She was dumbfounded.

“Gabriela, is that you? You look different”

“Yep it’s me, or should I say Nicole Flores”

She chuckled and said…

“You look so…so in fact words aren’t enough to describe how you look like”

“Awn thanks Violet, I have to go now”

I pecked her cheek and walked out of the house heading to the car that’ll drive me to the company…

Jayden POV

(N.B: This scene is best when you imagine it in slow mode😂)

I sat down on a chair while waiting for Daniela to finish her meeting with her assistant.

Well it’s being six months since Gabriela died and also I am now Daniela’s boyfriend. She loves me but I’m not really interested in love. What I’m after is her money so I’ll marry her to inherit all the wealth she has.

Suddenly a car drove in the company and stopped. I watched as the driver came and opened the door and what I saw made my mouth drop to the floor.

A very beautiful lady came out of the car and walked towards our direction…

Every person she passes they must turn back to look at her beauty.

She’s a goddess of beauty if you want to call her like that.

She then removed her shades and shook her head making her blonde hair move from side to side.

With striking blue eyes and a perfect kissable lips.

She looked at me and I felt my soul leave my body.

Suddenly she smiled at me which almost made me faint.

She walked pass me and I couldn’t help but stare at her butt, which shook vigourosly, so round and I bet its soft too.

Suddenly I received a slap which brought me out of my fantasy world.

I looked at the person and it turned out to be Daniela who slapped.

“How dare you, you were literally staring at her butt. You pervert, am even more hotter than her”

“In your dreams” I said inwardly. I then gave her my best puppy face and said…

“Look am sorry babe, its not what you’re thinking. You’re more sexy and hotter than her. I love you, don’t doubt that”

She smiled and pulled me for a kiss, before holding my hands and walking away….

Gabriela POV

I smiled as I was happy by the looks on their faces. This is just the beginning Daniela, I’m not yet started with you.

I walked up to a worker and asked

“Excuse me, can you tell me where I’ll find the owner of this company?”

I watched as he stammered with wide eyes.

“He…he..he’s at the first floor. The elevator over there will take you to his office”

I smiled and said….

“Thanks baby”

I blew a kiss at him and he fainted. I turned and walked away…

Guess I over did it. I chuckled and put back my shades before walking to the elevator….


The twin sisters episode 8 & 9


[The vicious and the caring😇]


Gabriela POV

I walked in the elevator and pressed the button to the first floor. After some minutes the door opened and I stylishly walked out of the elevator heading to the office they indicated me.

I knocked on the door…

“Come in!”

As per ordered, I opened the door and walked in and the person I saw make my eyes widened up.


He ached his brow and said…

“Have we met before?”

Stupid me!! I immediately said back..

“Oh no,, we haven’t met before. I just heard rumors about your company saying it’s the best in the country!”

“Okay, please have a seat!”

I took a seat infront of him and then said…

“My name is Nicole Flores and I want to apply as a model in your company”

“You said it yourself, our company is the best in the country and hence we don’t recruit people as we want. You have to be up to task to enter the company”

“I am a 100% positive that I’m up to task. If it isn’t a problem to you, I would request you test me. If I fail that’s it but if I pass I’m in”

“Okay, we’ll do that. Come here tomorrow at noon. They’ll be a photo shooting, if you pass therefore you’ll be in charge of advertising the best cosmetic company in the country”

“I’ll be there!”

“Then it is settle then”

I stood up and we shook our hands.

“Have a nice Mr Evans”

I wore back my shades and walked out of his office heading to the exit.

I walked out of the company, I smiled. It’s being 8 months since I’ve seen the sun and since I’ve walked freely.

Now where should I go now? How about I pay a surprise visit to Sebastian?

No, I’m still a little bit shy from what happened this morning.

How about I visit Violet? No, she’s the deputy CEO that means they literally work in the same company…

What should I do now? Guess I have no choice but to go there.

I entered the car and the driver drove me to his company…

As we arrived the driver opened the door for me and I came out of the car…

Immediately I came out of the car, all eyes turned to me.

Those were the same eyes that looked at me in disgust when I was being sent to jail…

I shrugged the feeling away and walked into the company

I must admit his company is really huge!!

I walked up a secretary and asked

“Excuse me I wish to see Mr Sebastian Sherman”

She looked at me and I could see jealousy in those eyes…

With a scoff she said…

“I’m his personal assistant and Mr Sherman is in a meeting right now. And it seemed as if you’re lost, we’re not at the brothel”

Wait did she just called me a prostitute? I glared at her and I folded my fist to surpress the anger that was rising up…

I smiled at her then said….

“I’ll wait”

I sat down on a chair and I distracted myself on my phone…

After half and hour she spoke back at me…

“He’s done you can now go in bitch, I mean miss”

If she’s looking for my badass side, then she’s gonna get it…

I stood up and walked in his office….

As I entered, I could see some people leaving his office till it was just him and I.

He looked at me in confusion and then said…

“Can I help you miss”

It then dawn on me that it wasn’t my real face. I chuckled lightly before saying…

“It’s me, Gabriela”

His eyes widened as he stared at me from head to toe.

“You look completely different”

“Is it the good different or the bad different?”

He stared at me for a while before saying…

“The good one, gosh! I never knew you were that sexy”

I blushed and looked down…He then walked up to me and lifted my head up with his hands on my waist…

“But honestly, I prefer your cute dimples and pretty face”

Leaned in again and my heart began racing again. I pushed him away and said….

“I’m not yet ready to give my heart to someone”

He smiled and said…

“I know and I’ll wait no matter how long it takes”

He stretched his hands at me before saying…

“Mind having lunch with me?”

I nodded and placed my hand on his and then we walked to the exit.

Immediately we walked our his P.A stood up. I suddenly remember all what she told me. Time for payback.

I released Sebastian hand and now crossed my hands on his right arm.

I could see the envy is her eyes. Sebastian then spoke….

“Lock the door to my office and reschedule the meeting for later”

I smiled at her and winked and that only seem to add to her anger….

“Ivy, are you listening to what I’m saying?”

She stopped glaring at me and then looked at Sebastian before saying…

“Yes, Mr Sherman. Anything else?”

“That’s all”

With that said we walked away and then he chuckled and said…

“What was that for?”

“Let us say it was a payback. Gosh!! She’s so jealous, like I was going to steal you away”

“They can’t help it when I’m this good looking and besides you already stole away my heart”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled lightly,,,We entered his car and he drove to the nearest restaurant.

Violet POV

I was seated on my office working out the files Sebastian sent me when suddenly the door opened revealing my cupcake…


I stood up from my seat and ran then jumped on him.

“I told you to stop calling me that, when will you learn?”

Meet my fiancée, Nicholas Scott, a world known singer. He’s of the same age with my brother (25 years) and also as cute as him,,,,

I pouted and said…

“But Nicky is a cute name”

“Alright I’ll be your Nicky. My trip is over so I’ll have a full month to spend with you”


I clamped my legs round his waist and tightened the hug….

He then spoke….

“Come on babe, you’re choking me. Thought you have work to do”

I remember the files I was working. I immediately got down from him and walked to my desk then began with the work.

After an hour I was done. I looked at where he could be and I saw him sitting on chair with his headset on.

I walked to him and straddled him and said

“Anyone told you you look breathtakingly handsome?”

He smirked and said while removing his headset

“Well yeah I’ve heard that many times, but you’re the only one I love hearing that from”

I smiled and crashed my lips on his as his hands went round my waist…

He then undid the buttons of the white shirt I was wearing and then he placed a kiss on the crook of my neck.

I dipped my hands in his hair as the pleasure was driving me crazy….

Gabriela POV

After our meal, I decided to go back home. As usual the driver came and I waved goodbye at Sebastian before boarding the car which took me home.

I arrived home and fell on the couch. Today was amazing but now I’m bored. What should I do?

I stood up and walked to my room to change. I changed into a white shirt and a black short. I peeled of the mask, I’m glad I can finally touch my real face….

I walked downstairs heading to the kitchen and as usual the maids are still working.

I entered fully and I decided to help them out, I’m bored anyway. I picked and apron and wore it and before my hand could reach out for the pot a maid spoke

“No miss. Our master asked us to help you out in anything you want, we wouldn’t want to stress you. Please leave it to us we’ll help you”

I smiled and looked at her, she’s very pretty though.

“I insist on helping you out, I can see you guys are tired. And I’m bored anyway”

She bowed and said

“Ok miss. But I’ll help you with the cooking”

I nodded and said..

” what’s your name by the way?”

“Adelaide mam”

“Please you can call me Gaby”

“Okay mam,,, I mean Gaby”

I picked the pot and then said…

“Come on Heidi, let’s get to work!!”

She began chopping the vegetables and I began warming it up.

After an hour we were done.

“That was sure fun. Right Heidi?”

“Yeah Gaby!”

I walked out of the kitchen and I spotted a swimming pool. I love swimming yay!!

I ran upstairs and changed to one of my bikinis before coming downstairs.

I immediately plunged into the pool and began swimming, so refreshing and soothing too!!

Sebastian POV

The meeting ended earlier so I decided to go home earlier. I’m already missing Gabriela and its only an hour since I last saw.

I chuckled and began packing the files that I’ll have to work on tonight.

I walked up to Violet’s office. I made to open the door but I stopped as I heard moans coming from the office.

Shook my head and knocked on the door.

“I’m busy right now. Come back later”

“It’s me Seb, don’t worry I won’t interfere on what you’re doing. I left the papers that needed your signature to your personal assistant. I’ll be leaving now….And one more thing Nick, I want a lot of nephews and nieces”

I heard as they both yelled at me…

“Fuck you!”

I laughed and walked away…My little sister violet is no longer a kid anymore….

I boarded my car and drove to my house. As I arrived there, I handed my bag to a maid and the first thing I said is…

“Where’s Gabriela”

“She’s currently at the swimming pool”

I nodded and walked heading to the swimming pool. I arrived there and no one was there, the place was instead quiet.

I turned to leave but I heard the splashing sound of water which made turn back and what I saw made my throat run dry….

She emerged out of water and she looked so out of this world. She shook her head to remove the water off her face which made her look more,,,more in fact beautiful is nothing compared to her.

My eyes trailed down to her body. Gosh!!Who even bought her that bikini she’s wearing. She’s so damn hot in it and with that tattoo,,,,gosh!!

I didn’t even notice that she walked up to me.

“Sebastian, Sebastian?”

She tapped may jaw which finally brought me out of my trance.

“Yes, what were you saying?”

She ached a brow at me before saying.

“I was asking if you were hungry. Are you sick or something”

She touched my forehead and looked at my face with a worried expression. Her face was so close to mine that I felt like grabbing her hand, pinned her on the wall and do sinful things to her….

I shrug away my perverted thought and said…

“I’m okay just tired”

“Me too.”

Looks like she’s beginning to feel comfortable around me. I like it that way. She then said….

“I’ll be right back let me go and change”

With that said she walked away swaying her hips. I ruffled my hair and walked to my room to take a quick shower.

Gabriela POV

I changes into someone and rushed downstairs.

As I arrive downstairs, I met Violet and Sebastian sitting on the chairs in the dining room.

I took mine and the food was served to me by Adelaide.

“Thanks Heidi”

She murmured a welcome and I turned to my food and began eating. I don’t know why but I regained back the appetite that I had last 8 months.

“Wow calm down Gaby, the food won’t run away from you”

I swallowed the huge piece of meat that was in my mouth before saying….

“What? I’m hungry!!”

They both laughed at my statement. I looked at them and then continued to eat my meal happily

Violet then spoke..

“Guys, Nicky is back and I’ll want to move in with him tomorrow”

I asked while munching on my food…

“Who’s Nicky?”

“He’s my fiancée Nicholas Scott”

“Ohh okay”

It then dawned on me that if she moves I’ll be left alone with Sebastian. I peeped at him and he discreetly winked knowingly at me.

Quickly adverted my gaze and continued eating my food. Let’s just hope he won’t try anything funny…

After my meal I stood up and went and pecked Violet’s cheek and said.

“Good night Violet”

I looked at Sebastian and said

“Goodnight Sebastian”

With that said, I walked away heading to my room. Before I could open the door to my room a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me. No one needs to tell me it’s Sebastian. I looked up at him and he said…

“So my sister gets a goodnight kiss and I don’t, that’s no fair. I want mine”

He turn his face to the side signalling me to peck his jaw.

I chuckles at his childishness then stood on my tiptoes and made to peck his cheek but inside of my lips landing on his cheek, it landed on his lips

My eyes widened and I made to push him away but he held me by the waist and deepened the kiss….

I had no other choice but to give in. His tongue poked my lips begging for entrance and I didn’t know when I granted it.

After some minutes, he pulled away and surprisingly I didn’t want him to stop.

I opened my eyes and look him. He was smiling widely.

He then caressed my cheek and said…

“Goodnight sunshine”

“Good night”

I ran in my room and locked the door while breathing heavily. I could even hear my heart beating.

Do I love him back?…..I don’t know. I don’t even know what is love.

I breath out loudly before going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy.

And I’ll need all the strength and patience in this world to face Daniela and Jayden without me slapping them.

I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep…..



[The vicious and the caring😇]


Gabriela POV

I woke up from bed feeling somehow,,,,,happy!!

I yawned and climbed down from bed and memories from last night came back. I blushed as I remember the kiss he gave me.

Oh gosh!! What’s he doing to me? I immediately rembered that Violet will be leaving this morning.

I rushed out of room and ran downstairs, luckily Violet was still there.

As she saw me coming, she smiled and took me in for a warm hug.

“Violet, already leaving.”

“Yeah. Nicky already came he’s outside”

“I want to meet him”

She looked at me in shock and said…

“Are you sure about that, I mean you’re….”

“I’m sure about that”

She nodded and walked out minutes later she came in with someone I wasn’t expecting to see. I said in shock..



He ran and engulfed me in a tight hug, I hugged him back too smiling widely….

After some minutes, we broke the hug and I could see a confused look on Violet’s face and a furious look on Sebastian face. I then said….

“Guys, I know him. He’s my cousin, my best cousin by the way”

They both widened their eyes in surprise. Nicholas then picked me up from the ground and twirled me around

“I’m so happy you’re alive Gaby. I was so depressed when I heard you were death”

I giggled lightly and after some minutes he put me down and I then looked at violet and said…

“I can’t believe Nick is your fiancée, I’m so happy for you guys”

She smiled and then Nicholas walked and gave her a loving kiss on the head. I gushed..

“Awwn you guys look good together”

Sebastian then spoke while pouting…

“How about us, don’t we look good together?”

I hit his arm playfully and said….

“Don’t you talk to me, I hate you!”

He smiled and said….

“And I love you”

I scoffed and Nicholas and Violet laughed loudly. Nicholas then spoke….

“But seriously you guys look good together. Congrats Sebas, you hit the jackpot!!”

He winked at Sebastian and Sebastian winked back…

I rolled my eyes at them. Violet then spoke….

“We’re running out of time. Gaby make sure you come visit us. Goodbye guys!!”

With that said they interlinked their hands and walked away.

As they were out of site, I turned to go in but I came face to face with Sebastian.

I scoffed and walked away but he held my hand and drew me to him….

“Let me go!!”

“What,,, you’re angry because of a kiss?”

“You stole that kiss!! And I hate thiefs”

He smirked and said…..

“But you enjoyed it. I’m I right??”

I stammered while staring at his eyes…

“No, I didn’t enjoy it”

“You’re lying and you know that”

I looked away, speechless. He then said…

“I love you”

I blushed and looked away…. He chuckled and kissed my forehead before walking away.

Suddenly I remembered that I had a photo shooting session to attend to. I ran upstairs and quickly stripped before running into the bathroom.

After my bath I quickly wore an off shoulder floral gown that ended above my knees. I put on my mask and wore a stylish hat before walking out of the room.

As I arrived at the entrance, I saw Sebastian at door. He said…

“Let me drive you to the studio.”

“You’ll be late for work!”

He laughed and said….

“How the boss be late for work besides there is Violet”

I nodded and we walked out of the house. He opened the car door for me and I entered. He entered then drove off.

After some minutes we arrived and coincidentally Daniela and Jayden were getting out of their car.

I glared at them as my anger kept rising. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand on mine.

I looked at him and he smiled and said…

“Calm down. It’s going to be fine, I’m here for you”

I nodded with a smile as I began calming down… I made to open the car door but he pulled me back and pecked my lips before he said with a smile…

“I love you”

“I lo….”

I stopped midway as I realized what I was about to say. I coughed and said

“I have to go now, bye.”

I opened the car door and came out then closed it. I stood there and watched as he drove off…

I turned and walked in the company and I saw Daniela talking to her manager…

I walked up to them and faked a smile before saying…

“Good day, excuse me I’m Nicole Flores”

She stretched her hands and I shook it as she said….

“And I’m Daniela McRae. Nice meeting you”

“The pleasure is all mine, can I know where Mr Shane Evans is?”

“He’s still to come. I too I’m waiting for him”

I nodded and excused myself as I walked away. I rolled my eyes at her act, she acts all sweet and nice meanwhile deep down she’s a bad bitch!!

I went to the restroom and did a little bit my makeup before walking out but I bumped into the second person I hate the most….

“Sorry I didn’t see you coming”

Jayden then spoke…

“Oh its no big deal”

I could see how he was eyeing me and his gaze lingered more around my cleavage. I felt disgusted by his gaze.

I fake a smile and then said….

“I’m Nicole Flores nice meeting you”

I stretched my hand and he took it and placed a kiss on it which made my stomach churn

“And I’m Jayden Kendrick, has any one told you’re so pretty”

I smiled and said….

“well yes, a lot of time”

I felt his hands crawled up to my shoulder before he said…

“Mind having a date with me, you know to get to know each other more better”

I stylishly removed his hands and said…

“No, thanks for the offer. I have way more important things to do with my time”

I winked and him and turned then left. I removed a handkerchief from my bag and wiped the place he touched me.

Jayden POV

I watched as she walked away while swaying her hips. My eyes stayed on her round butt. That’s the real deal….

I must fuck her or else I’m not Jayden Kendrick.

No matter what it takes I will.

I smiled and walked away….

Daniela POV

I sat down elegantly on a chair while waiting for the CEO to come.

As he read my thought he entered and at the same time Nicole was coming.

He then spoke to us.

“I called you Daniela because a jewelry industry want you to promote their latest design. This deal is very important and I want you to give your best on it.

I simply nodded with a smile. Then he turned to Nicole and spoke….

“And you Nicole, you remember our deal right?

She nodded with a smile. I don’t know why but I keep feeling like I’ve seen her somewhere or met her before.

He then spoke…

“Alright let’s go for the photo shoot”

We all walked to the elevator which took is to the photo shooting room.

Gabriela POV

I was sitting on a chair while the makeup artist were busy on my face. After some time they were done

I stood up and walked out of the room, heading to the photographer. I sat down on the chair and waited as Daniela was taking hers.

After hers was done, I stood up and walked to the were they indicated me to pose.

The photographer then said….

“Let’s start with the trials”

I smiled and said.

“No, I want us to shoot the main one”

He looked at me with a puzzled look and then nodded then he said

“3, 2, 1…”

Shane POV

I sat down on a chair as I was waiting to see the result Nicole will give me. I keep getting the feeling I’ve seen her somewhere and I must admit she’s really beautiful

The photographer made a countdown and my mouth dropped to the floor.

She is really good, she easily shows the different emotion she’s being asked to.

Truth be told she’s really good, more than Daniela.

After some minutes, the shooting was over she walked up to me and said…

“So how was I?”

“Congrats Nicole you are a member of Evans collection and also you’ll be modeling for the best cosmetic company in the country”

She smiled and I felt my heart skip a beat

“Thank you Mr Evans”

“Please call me Shane”


She walked away and I smiled….

Gabriela POV

I was so happy that I got the job. Not only was it my dream country but my plans is working according to planned….

I walked to the entrance and what I saw made me stop on my tracks as tears threatened to fall.

My parents were standing there with smiled on their face waiting for Daniela…

I need to know if they still hate me. I walked up to them and smiled.

“Good morning mam, sir”

They looked at me and smiled. Mom then replied…

“Good morning miss. How may we help you?”

“Oh I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but notice. Are you the parents of miss Gabriela McRae?”

I watched as their faces changed into anger and disgust.

Dad then spoke…

“Yes we are, but I prefer we don’t speak about that. She’s a disgrace to our family”

I nodded while fighting back my tears…

“I’ll leave you alone now”

With that said, I ran away. When I reached were I was alone, I then let the tears I’ve been holding.

“It hurts, it hurts so bad!!”

I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up to see it was Shane. Without thinking I hugged him then cried bitterly and when I had no more tears to spill, I released him…

“I’m sorry, I ruined your shirt”

“Its okay. What were you crying by the way?”

“It’s,,,it’s kinda personal. Hope you understand”

“Its okay if you don’t want to share them with me but just know that I’ll be there for you. You can count me as a friend”

I nodded and smiled sadly. He then said…

“Mind having lunch with me?”

I nodded and then said…

“I don’t mind, just let me fix my makeup”

I stood up and walked into the bathroom to do my makeup and after some minutes I came out and we headed to the bathroom….

We walked into the restaurant and ordered our meals, we ate and he cracked jokes. Never knew he was this nice!!

After for what seemed like hours, we walked back to the studio. He took me to his office and I saw a woman sitting on a chair and she was putting on lenses…..

Shane then spoke….

“Meet your assistant Gwendolyn, she’ll assist you in anything you need”

I stretched my hands at Gwendolyn and said…

“Nice meeting you, I’m Nicole Flores”

“The pleasure is all mine”

She explained to me all what I needed to know.
I looked at my time and it was already 7pm. When did time pass so fast like this?

“I have to go!”

Shane then spoke….

“Let me escort you”

I looker at Gwendolyn face and she was shocked. I looked back at Shane and said…

“Okay, if you want to”

I picked up my bag and walked into the elevator with him.

The elevator opened back signalling us we’ve arrived.

“Good bye Shane”

“Please can I have your contact?”


I removed my phone and he inputed his number. I dialed the number and he saved it.

“Now can I go?”

He held my hand and tucked my hair behind my ear which sent shivers down my spine.

I looked at him with round eyes, then I looked at the exit and there stood Sebastian glaring fire at him.

I quickly took a step away from him and I watched as the two seemed to do a glaring competition.

I coughed lightly which returned their attention to me and then I said..

“Good bye Shane”

He smiled and nodded at me then I walked towards Sebastian. I looked at him and he was still glaring at Shane.

I touched his arm and he looked down at me. I then said…

“We can leave now Seb,,”

He nodded and with a hardened look on his face he held my hand and then literally dragged me to the car

We boarded the car and then he drove away with a grumpy expression on his face.

I don’t know why but I felt the urge to explain things out to him

“Um Sebastian, about what you saw earlier”

“I know its nothing but I hate it when another man touches you”

I kept looking at him…

“I’m quite a selfish, jealous and possessive man especially when it come to you”

I looked at him and blushed, it feels kinda nice when you have someone to protect you.

He looked at me and smiled before cupping my jaw…

“I love you”

I felt my heart skip a beat as he said those words….

He then ignited the engine and drove off. As we arrived his house he said…

“Oh, I almost forgot. I hired a new maid today”

I nodded and got out of the car and entered the house.

I walked upstairs to my room and took a quick bath then changed into something comfortable. I peeled off my mask and walked downstairs.

As I entered the kitchen to get a glass of water, I saw a maid cleaning the dishes. She turned and looked at me and I gasped same as her

We then said at the same time



T.B.C💙The twin sisters episode 10 & 11


[The vicious💋 and the caring


Gabriela POV



What is she doing here? How did he escaped from prison? Was she bailed? No she was sent to life imprisonment….

“What are you doing here?”

She smiled and walked to me….

“I can see you’re alive!! How did you manage to stay alive”

I took a step back as she began approaching me with a dangerous look on her face…

I then remember what Sebastian told me. That there were four prisoners they weren’t able to apprehend. Could she be amongst them?

I looked back at her and she was folding her fist ready to attack me I then said

“If you touch me trust me you won’t like the outcome.”

She laughed and said…

“What will you do? You’re just a maid like me!!”

“I’m not the maid here!”

She looked at me confused and at that time Sebastian entered the kitchen. Michelle immediately took the dishes and made as if she was cleaning them.

“Gaby, anything wrong?”

I faked a smile and said…

“No, everything is fine. I’ll just get a glass of water and I’ll come meet you”

He smiled cutely at me and then said…


He pecked my lips and walked away. I returned my gaze to Michelle.

She said with a smirk…

“Oh I see,,,you had the owner wrapped around your finger.”

I said with a stern look on my face…

“If you dare touch me I’ll report you to him”

She laughed and then said…

“And if you dare tell anything to him I’ll report you too. If I fall, you fall”

She poured water on a glass and handed it to me before saying…

“Here’s your glass of water miss”

I took the glass and turned then left the kitchen heading to the living room.

I reached there and Sebastian was seated on a couch looking handsome as usual.

He noticed my presence and then said

“Oh come on Gabriela, have a seat let’s watch a movie”

I sat down beside him and then he called out Michelle’s name.

She walked in looking as innocent as ever…

“Yes master”

“Please bring us a bowl of popcorn”

She bowed and walked away. After some minutes she came back with the bowl of popcorn and placed it on the table, then she moved her lips. I clearly saw what she meant to say. She said…

“If I fall, you fall”

She stood up and bowed before walking away.

Sebastian put on a film but my mind wasn’t with the movie it was at the kitchen.

He seemed to notice my mood as he asked…

“Hey, Gabriela anything wrong?”

I looked at him and faked a smile before saying…

“Oh no,,nothing. I guess I’m just tired, that’s all”

He smiled and said…

“I know a good way to make you feel better”

I looked at him with a look that said answer me…

He widen his arm and said…

“Come on, let me cuddle you”

I hesitated but he literally pulled me closer and I landed on his chest. He then engulfed me in for a warm hug and surprisingly I found myself relaxing…

Without knowing I wounded my hand round his waist and snuggled with his chest, inhaling his scent. He smells like mint and lavender and I loved it!!!

Sebastian POV

I held her in my arm while gently stroking her hair.

I don’t know what she did to me but I love her with all my soul, I can’t imagine my future without her.

Thankfully she’s beginning to feel comfortable around me. I’m just waiting for the day she’ll tell me those three magic words….

Suddenly memories of Juliet came in my thought and I frowned.

Juliet well she’s my first love. I thought she loved me but I was wrong. One day I caught her on my bed with my driver

I loved her wholeheartedly, I did everything in my power to please her but she took my heart and played with it.

From that day, I canceled love in my agenda but then Gabriela came into my life and wrote it back.

She’s the first woman I’ve ever seen who’s bold. She went through a lot but still she still keeps that radiant smile on her face.

I was brought out of my thought as she spoke…

“Seb,,,anything wrong? You seem lost!”

I pinched her cheek and said…

“Nothing I just spaced out”


She replied and placed her head back on my chest. I kissed her hair and continued stroking her hairs as we watched the movie.

I heard a snore and I looked down at her, even her snore is cute. I carried her in a bridal style to my room and I laid her down on my bed then I climbed on the bed and covered ourselves with the duvet and watched her sleep…. Such a sleeping beauty.

I watched her till her sleep till I drifted off to sleep…

Daniela POV

After my bath I applied my body cream and walked up to bed. Jayden was lying there while pressing his phone.

“Hey babe, how do you find my new nightie?”

He glanced at me and continued pressing his phone before saying…

“You look good”

I went and straddle him then said…

“I look only good??”

He wounded his hands round my waist and said…

“You look sexy, hot, beautiful okay?”

I smiled satisfied by the answer and then I whispered in his ear.

“I’m not feeling sleepy you know?”

He smiled knowingly and said…

“Neither do I”

I crashed my lips on his and kissed him wildly. I felt his arm lifting my nightie, I allowed him remove it and I resumed in kissing him. We switched position such that he was on top of me and then we resumed the kiss….

Gabriela POV

I sleepily opened my eyes while snuggling with my pillow,,,but it wasn’t soft as it usually is.

I opened my eyes and I came face to face with someone’s chest. I looked up and my eyes locked with that of Sebastian.

“Good morning sunshine!”

I gently released him and said.

“Good morning”

He smiled and pecked my lips before climbing down the bed. Looks like he’s used to pecking my lips.

He stretched his hand to me and said….

“Come on let’s go have breakfast!!”

I held his hand and climbed down the bed. He suddenly picked me up up in his arms and began walking to the exit.

“Put me down Seb, I can walk!!”

“I know”

He carried me downstairs and I burried my face on his chest out of embarrassment as the maids were all staring at us.

He placed me down on the chair and the food was dished.

I began eating hungrily not minding if he’s watch me.

After my meal I walked upstairs and took a warm and relaxing bath then I wore a simple T-shirt and with black jeans. I tied my head into a pony tail, applied my mask then wore my sneaker and I was good to go.

I went downstairs and Sebastian was already dressed in his suit looking as dashing as ever.

He turned to me and smiled before saying…

“Come on let me escort you to work”

I nodded with a smile and we walked out of the house heading to his car

Michelle POV

I his behind a pillar while spying on them. Gosh truth be told that Sebastian guy is dripping hot.

Why must blondy always get the good things.

I looked at my body and smiled. I am way more hotter than blondy…

I will whatever it takes to have that man for me even if it’s a one night stand I wouldn’t mind. All I want is to have him deep inside me.

Gosh its being a year now since I haven’t being laid……

Gabriela POV

The drove to the studio was really peaceful. As he stopped his car in front of the company I made to climb out but he held my arm.

I looked at him and he sighed before saying…

“Gaby, I have something to tell you”

“What’s it anything wrong?”

He sighed and said…

“Something urgent came and they need me in Canada tomorrow. I’ll be taking a flight at 4pm and I’ll be back only after 3 weeks”

I felt my heart dulled down and my mood suddenly crumpled down..

I didn’t know what pushed me to say this…

“Is it that urgent?”

He nodded with a sad look. I then said while pouting….

“I’ll miss you”

He cupped my cheeks with both hands and said

“Me too Gaby”

I looked at my time and I was already getting late but I didn’t want to leave yet…

I said hesitantly….

“I’ll have to go. I’m getting late”

He nodded and released me. I made to go out but I stopped and turned back towards him and then I pecked his lips which seemed to startle him.

Actually this is the first time I kissed him out of my own will. I then said…

“Will I be able to see you before you leave?”

He nodded and said…

“I’ll text you the location when I’m free”

I nodded and got out of the car then walked away.

Now I know what love feels like. I’m going to tell him before he leaves.

I walked in and I was greeted with Shane’s smiling face

“Good morning Shane”

“Morning Nicole you’re quite late. Hurry!”

I nodded and ran off to go and change.

After the makeup artist finished my makeup, the photoshoot began.




After the photoshoot, I went and changed back into my dress and made to walk out of the company. I checked the time and it was already noon. Why hasn’t he called

“Um, Nicole?”

I turned and I saw Shane. He then continued…

“I’m hungry and I don’t like eating alone. Mind grabbing a bite with me?”

I checked back the time and said…

“Okay, but we’ll be back her by 1pm”

He nodded and I said…

“Please hold my things I have to use the restroom”


I handed him my phone and my bag then walked to the restroom

Shane POV

I stood there waiting for her to come back. To be honest, I fell in love with her the first day I saw and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make her fall for me….

Suddenly a message popped on her phone. I was tempted to see it and my temptation took over.

I opened her phone and luckily there was no password.

My face hardened as I saw it was a message from Sebastian. Everybody in the country knows who this guy is,,,he’s literally the richest man in the country.

I won’t allow him to steal what belongs to me. Yes,,,Nicole belongs to me and I’ll make sure it stays thus.

The message was:


I’ll come pick you up at 2pm. Love you sunshine!!

I smiled and sent the message:

Ok, I’ll be waiting.

I sent it and deleted the message from her phone before keeping it back in her bag.kindly Hi waploaded story Home on zero eight one eight seven eight six six two six seven to join our story group.

Not long after she came out of the restroom and together we walked out of the company heading to the nearest restaurant…

Gabriela POV

The meal was quite delicious but I couldn’t get my thought off Sebastian. Why hasn’t he send me a message since then??

We walked out of the restaurant and headed back to the company.

As we arrived there, my personal assistant, Gwendolyn gave me some papers that needed my signature.

My head was too preoccupied so I whispered in her ears while handing her a paper…

“Here’s the address to my house, come there alone please?”

She nodded with a questioning look. I said my goodbyes and headed to the exit still looking at the time. Its 2pm and still no news….

Suddenly,someone grabbed my arm. I turned and I came face to face with Shane.

“Shane anything wrong?”

He began coming closer to me. I took steps back till my back hit the wall


He held my waist with one hand and cupped my cheek with the other.

I placed my hand on his chest and tried to push him away but he didn’t bulge.

“Shane, wh..what are you doing?”

“I love you Nicole”

With that said he crashed his lips on mine and kissed me hungrily.

My eyes widened and I tried to push him away but he held me firmly still kissing me…

I succeeded in pushing him away and I turned at the entrance and there stood….




[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]


Gabriela POV


I looked into his eyes and I could see anger, but mostly pain. He turn and walked away but I could see tears in his eyes.

I pushed Shane away and ran after Sebastian but unfortunately when I arrived outside,he already drove away…

I wiped off the tears and fell from my eyes. I felt someone hold my hand and anger boiled inside me as I knew who it was….

I yanked his hands off my body and gave him two solid slaps on both cheek.

He held his jaw in pain. I held his collar and said…

“Because of you the only person who cared about me is hurt, because of you I might loose him without having him”

I gave him a punch on the face and he staggered backwards while bleeding…

“Listen you idiot, you know nothing about me, you don’t know what I went through and you don’t know what I can do to you. So don’t you ever try this on me”

I turned to leave and I stopped on my track before saying…

“And one more thing I don’t love you and I will never love you”

I hailed a cab which drove me home…

I paid the driver and ran in the house hoping to see him but to my greatest dismay he wasn’t there.

I sadly walked upstairs removed my dress and went and took a shower to cool of my head.

I wore an oversized hoodie with a jean and I removed my mask then I laid down on bed while staring at my phone hoping he would call.

30 minutes pass and still no news of him. I dialed his number and almost immediately a message from him popped in my phone


Hello sunshine, just wanted to let you know I’ll be leaving after 50 minutes and I might not come back. You hurt me really bad and I hope I will forget about you as time passes.

Tears began flowing out of my eyes as I cried bitterly. He’s leaving and forever.

I sat down on the floor and cried bitterly…its all my fault, if I confesses my feelings earlier, this wouldn’t have happen

No,,,I won’t let this happen…I can’t loose him. I wiped away my tears and stood up, then I tied my hair and put on the cap of the hoodie I was wearing.

Not caring about hiding my face, I ran out of the room and out of the house then I began running heading to the airport not minding the distance.

After a 20 minutes run I arrived at the airport panting heavily, then I scanned around the area to see of I could see him and luckily I saw him. He was climbing the stairs to the plane

I ran to the plane and yelled his name


He turned to me and he looked surprised to see me here. He quickly climbed down the stairs and walked up to me before saying…

“What are you doing here and why aren’t you putting on your mask. If someone sees you do you know you could be in danger?”

I broke into tears as I heard what he was saying. Even when he’s hurt because of me he still cares about me….

I began speaking hysterically….

“About what you saw earlier it isn’t what it looked like. I didn’t kiss him, he forced himself on me. I would never kiss him please believe me, please”

He wiped away my tears that kept flowing….

“Shh,,, please stop crying. I hate to see you crying”

“I was too dumb, too foolish, too stupid, too scared to realize that I fell in love with you. I love you Sebastian, I love you. Please don’t leave me, I don’t know what I’ll do without you”

I hugged him tightly still crying

“I’m sorry if I hurt you. I could have tell you this earlier. I love you Sebastian. I so much do”

He pulled me away from him and looked at me before saying.

“Are you serious about this?”

I wrapped my arm round his neck and pulled him down then crashed my lips on his kissing him like my life depending on it.

I felt him froze for some seconds before he wrapped his hands round my waist and he pulled me closer then deepened the kiss.

We were both lost in our own world, not caring a damn about the eyes that were looking at us

We broke the kiss and he rested his face on mine before he said…

“I love you Gabriela”

“I love you too Sebastian”

A voice was heard in the speaker signalling us that he’s getting late for his flight.

He looked at me with a sad expression and said…

“I have to go now. I’ll come back for you, I promise”

I nodded with a sad look and then he turned to leave but he stopped on his track then he turned towards me and quickly ran towards me and kissed me one last time before releasing me.



He walked and entered the plane and I took a cab while making sure to hide ny face before going back home.

I arrived at home and a maid informed me that someone was waiting for me.

I peeked at the the guest room and I saw it was Gwendolyn.

I walked out of my hiding and walked up to her. She had a confused look on her face…

“Yes, you wanted to see me Gwen?”

“Um,, excuse me mam. How do you know my name?”

I chuckled, I completely forgot that I wasn’t putting on my mask. I have no other choice but to tell her the truth….

“Its me Gwen Nicole”

Her eyes widened as she seems to recognize my face…

“You,,,,you’re Gabriela McRae. You’re alive??”

I nodded and I could see she was trembling

“Hey, calm down I won’t hurt you I promise. I’m innocent of the crime they’re accusing me”

She stared at me for a while before saying…

“So you are hiding under a fake identity?”

I nodded with a smile and then she began blabbing like a parrot…

“Gosh,,,you so cute, cuter than your sister. You are really beautiful when you put on your mask but now wow you’re even more beautiful without it. Why are you putting on a hoodie and why are you sweating like that”

I laughed and said

“Wow easy with the questions. I’m putting on a hoodie and I’m sweating because I ran. It’s a long story”

She nodded and then she said…

“One last question…Why are you living here? This is Sebastian Sherman’s mansion. How come you’re living here? I was really surprised when you gave me this address”

I blushed and said.

“Well he’s the one who saved my life and we’re like….um….”

She cut me off with a scream….

“Aaahh!! I can’t believe your luck Nicole,,I mean Gabriela. You’re so lucky!!”

I smiled and nodded then said…

“So can we be friends?”

“Of course Gaby. What’s your age?”

When she said those words, I remember that my birthday is coming…

“I’ll be 20 in three weeks time and you?

“I’m 21”

“Cool. Come on let’s get to business. Have you brought the papers?”

She brought out the papers and I went through it before signing it….

“It’s done. Now mine having dinner before you leave?”

“I would love to. Its not everyday you step foot into a fancy mansion like this one”

I chuckled and led her to the dinning room. Food was served and we began eating with her blabbing around till she shocked on her food

After our meal, I escorted her out to the gate before I went in.

I met Michelle on the way and we passed each other with a murderous glare….

I went to my room and picked my phone and I saw 20 missed calls from Shane and 15 messages from him.

I hissed in anger and ignored the messages and calls then I dialed Sebastian number. He picked up on the third ring.

📞 Sunshine?

📞 Hello babe, how’s the flight going?

📞 Babe,,,I like the sound of it. The flight is going great. I’ll be landing soon in Canada.

📞 Okay. Take care

📞 Same there. Hope you’ve eaten

I chuckled and said….

📞 I’m just from eating with my personal assistant.

📞 Your what?

📞 My personal assistant. I told her the truth and she’s cool with it. Trust me I’ll be fine.

📞 I trust you. Gaby.

📞 Ohh I completely forgot. My birthday will be in three weeks time

📞 Wow,,, hopefully I’ll be back by then.

I mistakenly yawned….

📞 I see someone is sleepy. Go and rest you need that after all the running you did today…

📞 It was worth it.

📞 Goodnight sunshine. I love you

📞 Love you too!!

📞 Say that again please?

I chuckled and said….

📞 I love you, I love you, I love you!!

He laughed and said….

📞 Alright. Bye

📞 Bye.

I hung up the call and put my phone on the bed stand before closing my eyes, and I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my lips




I woke up very early and I was greeted with a text from Sebastian.


Good morning pretty. How was your night? How I miss your cute snore

I chuckled and texted him back

💌 Morning Seb, my night was good but it would have being the best night with you by my side. I miss you and I don’t snore

I stood up from bed, picked my towel and went to do my business. After that I applied my body cream then I wore a simple blue floral gown then I walked out of the room.

My mood suddenly crumpled as I saw Michelle on the way. She smiled and said.

“Good morning blondy,how’s your night without your knight in shining armor”

I ignored her and made to walk away but she held my hand and said…

“When I talk to you, you reply me or else”

I yanked her hand off my hand and turned to her then said….

“Or else what? You’re gonna stab me, drown me, shoot me…”

I laughed and said…

“Ohh please stop with those useless threat. It doesn’t work on me anymore”

She smiled and said….

“Looks like our little blondy has grown wings. Is it because of the owner of this house. Oh I always wonder how will his c*ck feel inside me”

Anger began rising inside and I folded my fist pouring my anger there.

“Cat got your tongue blondy? Ohh don’t tell me he hasn’t touched you yet. I always thought you were ugly but now….”

I slapped her before she could finish her statement. I kneed her stomach and she kneeled down holding her stomach.

I grabbed her harshly by the hair and said menacingly at her….

“You can insult me all you want but don’t you dare try anything funny with him. I can kill for him. And I mean every word I said.”

I slapped her and called the head maid…


She came running and bowed at me…

“Yes miss”

“Have her clean the whole mansion alone and I repeat alone. No one should help her and by the time I get back home and see even a single dirt on the floor she’ll start back at fresh”

“Yes miss”

I smirked at Michelle who was glaring at me before walking out of the house.

I boarded the car and the driver drove me to the studio.

I alighted the car and my face twitched as I saw Shane. I tried to walk pass him but he held my hand.

“Let me go while I’m still calm”

He released me and said…

“I’m sorry if I kissed you forcefully but I love you I really do”

I chuckled darkly….

“Love,,,this isn’t love you feel for me. This is just obsession. Pure obsession”

I turned and looked at him….

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“From now on I prefer we maintain a professional relationship nothing else. Have a nice day Mr Evans”

With that said I walked away heading to work.

Today there isn’t much thing to do so I finished early. I was a little bit hungry so I decided to go and grab a bite.

I walked on foot towards the restaurant when suddenly my phone rang… I looked and it was an unknown number

📞Hello? Who’s this??

I froze as he said these words….

📞 Good day, miss Gabriela McRae. I have some information concerning the murder of miss Ruby Morgan. Go in that coffee shop at your right I’ll follow you……


The twin sisters episode 12 & 13

[The vicious💋 and the caring


Gabriela POV

I hung up the call with a confused expression. How does he know my real name? How is he involved in what happened to me.

I looked around and no one was watching me. How does he know where I’m standing…

I said a silent prayer before entering the cafeteria.

I took a seat at a secluded area and ordered two mugs of coffee. I sipped on mine with my eyes scanning round the cafeteria.

Suddenly a man walked up to me and sat opposite me then took the other mug of coffee and drank it… He then said with a husky voice….

“Nice meeting you miss Gabriela McRae”


I looked at him suspiciously while sipping on my coffee. He then shifted a video tape on my side. I discreetly took it and put it in my purse.

He then said….

“In that tape you can see what really happened to Ruby but unfortunately the face of the murderer isn’t clear”

“Thanks anyways. I have a question. Why are you helping me?”

He began trembling and then he said as tears trickled in his eyes….

“Ruby was my niece. You might not believe me because of our differences in status. I’m a cleaner and her parents are rich. I was heart broken when I heard she was dead, so I hacked into the security cameras and I succeeded in retrieving that scene before it was deleted. Please help me, I want justice for my niece,my poor niece”

Began crying loudly….

I held his palm and began rubbing it to sooth his pains. I then said to him….

“I’m sorry for your loss mister. Even I, I never wished for anything of such to happen. I’ll do everything in my power to catch those responsible. It’s a promise”

He nodded and we stood up then we shook hands and went our separate. I called for the driver and he drove me home.

I arrive at my destination and I alighted the car then marched to the house while beaming with a smile. I then remember the punishment I gave Michelle.

I entered the living room and the head maid together with Michelle stood while waiting for me to inspect the work done.

I touched a furniture and I smiled at Michelle before saying…

“Good job Mich,,,maybe you were born to be a maid after all”

She glared at me and I winked knowingly at her before going upstairs.

I took a quick bath and changed into something comfortable before sitting on a table. I removed a brand new laptop that Sebastian gifted me. Must be from their company.

I inserted the cassette tape and clicked on play. It began playing…

The first scene showed when Ruby was staggering while holding the wall till she pushed the restroom door and went inside.

Then a man walked while buckling his trouser belt then he entered the restroom Ruby entered…

He came out after a short while and walked away. I couldn’t see the face I’d the person.

I rewind it and clicked on pause as he was placed his hand to open the door to the restroom.

I then zoomed it and I could see a sort of tattoo drawn on his arm

I quickly picked a page and a pen then I sketched out the tattoo he had.

I searched for the different forms of tattoo but I couldn’t see one that had this form.

I groaned and fell on the bed, guess I’ll have to wait for Sebastian to get back before continue….

If my assumption is true then this guy raped Ruby and killed her before going, but why could he have done that. How was Ruby involved in this….

My phone began to ring and I picked it happily as I saw Sebastian name on the screen

📞 Babe?

📞 Sunshine, I have good news for both of us. The contract was rescheduled for next week so hopefully I’ll be back by next week.

📞 That’s great!! I really missed your touches

Someone is getting naughty,,,,

I laughed and said…

📞 I also have something for you. I am a step closer to finding who really killed Ruby.

📞 How did you do it?

📞 I’ll explain everything to you once you’re back. Goodbye love you

📞 Same pinch here my angel…

I hung up the call and smiled. So this is how love feels like!!

I got out of bed and walked downstairs to take my meal. After a delicious meal, I walked upstairs and did some researches before drifting off to sleep




I woke up feeling refreshed and energetic. Today I think I’m gonna visit Violet and Nick since today is my day off.

I crawled out of bed and went and did my business before settling in a white shirt and a black jean with some white sneakers.

I brushed my hair and allowed it to fall freely then I picked up my bag and walked out. I saw Michelle and we glared at each other before passing. If only I could report her to the police, unfortunately I can’t because she will report me too and I’ll end up in jail again….

I decided to go to their house on foot since it wasn’t that far. My phone began ringing and I rolled my eyes as I saw Shane’s number.

📞 Hello?

📞 Um, Nicole can we have lunch together?

📞 Last time I had lunch with you it didn’t end well…

📞 I know, this one I want to tell you something important…

📞 Okay just this one but we’re not meeting at a restaurant. I’ll meet you at the company, find by you?

📞 Okay. See you in two hours time…

I hanged up and continued my way. Suddenly someone held my neck and I could feel something sharp pointing on my back. I held my hand up high…

“Give me all the money you have and I’ll leave you alone”

This voice sounds really familiar. I quickly elbowed her on the stomach and held neck then pinned her on the wall, when you’re in prison you learn all this kind of tactics.

I removed the face mask that she was putting on and I gasped as I saw who it was…


She looked at me surprisingly…

“There’s only one person in this world that calls me that”

“Beatrix, it’s me. Gabriela”

Her eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

“How do I know if you’re not lying to me?”

I released her neck and lifted up my shirt. She gasped as she saw the tattoo…

“Gabriela, its really you? You’re alive?”


We hugged each other and she began crying…

“Thank goodness you’re alive. I was so sad when I thought you died”

“I’m save Trixie”

We broke the hug and she said worriedly…

“Gaby, you have to help me. Eleanor is not well, she’s really sick I need some money so I can buy some drugs for her”

I gasped and said….

“Come on quick lead the way”

She began walking and I followed her. Guess I’ll visit Violet some other time.

We walked I’m an abandoned building, the roof was already decaying. No wonder she fell sick.

She led me into what looked like a room and I saw Eleanor lying on a mat while coughing profusely. I suddenly felt really bad for them.

I walked there and said to Beatrix….

“Quick come and help me pick her up we’re leaving from here”

We held both of her hands and stood up then began walking to the exit.

As we walked out of the building, I saw Jade walking towards us. I’m so glad they’re alive and well.

She carried her from me and I removed my phone and called one of Sebastian driver. Not long after he drove to us

“Let’s go girls”

We boarded the car which drove us back to Sebastian mansion and the driver helped us carry Eleanor to a vacant room.

I dialed the family doctor’s number and he came in a jiffy.

I walked and sad down beside Beatrix and said…

“Hey calm down she’ll be alright. Trust me”

She nodded and then said

“How did you get here, I mean this place is so so luxurious!!”

I chuckled and said…

“Well do you remember that guy that visited me in prison. He saved my life and now I live here”

She gasped and said…

“That’s so cool of him. Where is he, I haven’t seen him”

“He’s out of the country for now. He’ll be back in some days time”

She nodded and smiled then said…

“So you like him right?”

I blushed and simply nodded. She gasped and squiled

“Oh that’s so cute!! Our little Gaby is in love. I’m happy for you”

I laughed and I gasped as I checked the time on my phone.

“Oh no I have to go now. We’ll chat later”

I walked out of the house and drove off to the company. I arrived there quickly and I met Shane standing outside.

I walked out of the car and marched towards him.

“Good morning Mr Evans”

He sighed and said…

Are you still mad at me?”

“What you did was really not cool but I’m nor mad at you”

“I admit it, it wasn’t really nice what I did. I’ll suppress whatever thing I feel for you but please do forgive me”

I smiled at him and said…

“I’ve forgiven you Shane but there’s still someone you need to ask for forgiveness”

“Yeah, Sebastian. I’ll wait till he’s back”

“Cool. So now friends?”


We shook hands then we chatted a little before he said..

“Oh and I almost forgot, ever since you came to this company the capital has been increasing. So I want the two best model of this company to take part in the big contest that’ll take place next month”

I gasped. Ever since I was a kid that has always being my dream.

“I… I don’t know what to say…”

“Just say yes you agree”

I nodded with a smile… He then said

“That’s fantastic news, so you and danilea

Will begin your training tomorrow”

I ached a brow and said…

“Daniela,,,she’ll also take part?”

“Yes, each modeling agency gets to choose two models from their company. The only disadvantage is that there’s only one winner so the models will have go compete. Here’s on this company, we’ve chosen you and Daniela”

I smiles inwardly. This is an opportunity to humiliate her…

We chatted a little and then I said my goodbye then drove back home.

I reached home and I saw Beatrix and Jade had a surprise look on their face. I walked up to them and said…

“Why the weird face?”

Jade spoke…

“We just saw Michelle wearing a maid uniform”

“Well she’s the maid here. It’s a long story”

I told them all what transpired between Michelle and I….

Beatrix spoke…

“Ohh I’m sorry Gaby, now you have to live with that bitch for some time”

“I’m used to that”

We heard a weak voice speak..

“Where am I?”

We rushes inside the room and saw Eleanor sitting up on the bed.

She’s being unconscious for two hours now.

“Thank goodness you’re awake Elle”

She looked and me suspiciously and said…

“Who are you?”

Oh, I forgot that I’m still wearing this stupid mask. I peeled it off and smiled at her. She gasped as she saw my face.


“Yes, its me. I’m alive”

She took me into her arm and cried out of happiness.

“I’m so happy you’re alive.”

“Hey, don’t cry. You’re still weak”

I wiped her tears and I smiled at her. We then discussed till it was time for bed.

I walked up to my room, then took a long relaxing bath while thinking of ways to know who killed Ruby.

I came out of the room dripping wet then applied my body cream before drying my hair. Then I wore my pajamas and climbed on my bed and closed my eyes but I wasn’t feeling sleepy.

After a lot of rolling in bed, I stood up frustratingly. I climbed down from bed and walked out of the room towards the kitchen maybe with a glass of milk I’ll feel sleepy.

Suddenly a hand held my arm and pulled me then pinned me on the wall…

“Who’s….who’s this?”



[The vicious💋 and caring😇]



“Who’s….who’s this?”

Places were dark, I couldn’t see the face of the person holding me.

Suddenly the person held my waist and pulled me closer. From the look of it, it’s a male. I was too scared to move an inch…

“Did you miss me?”

My eyes widened as I recognized the person’s voice.


He took in my lips and kissed me hungrily. I smiled in the kiss then wrapped my arm round his neck then deepened the kiss.

We broke it and I said…

“I missed you so much”

He removed the piece of clothing that was on my shoulder then he trailed kisses from my shoulder to the crook of my neck which made my knees weak…

He then said with his face buried in my shoulder and said.

“You also said you missed my touch, right?”

I bit my lips as I realized what he meant by that. He brought his face to mine and said…

“I want to hear it one more time,tell me you love”

“I love you Sebastian and I’ll always do. All I want is you not breaking my heart.”

He chuckled and said…

“I love you too much. How will I break your heart?”

I smiled and buried my face in his chest inhaling the scent that I missed so much.

He suddenly picked me up from the ground and marched to his room while saying…

“Its late, you need to rest”

I smiled and placed my head on his chest. He entered his room and placed me on the bed before walking to his wardrobe probably to change.

I turned my head away so as to give him some privacy. I heard him chuckle then he said….

“Don’t you want to see your boyfriend’s gorgeous body”

I rolled my eyes still while Looking away from him…

I felt him climb up the bed and finally I turned to face him. I smiled at him

“Stop looking at me like that, I know I’m gorgeous but also stop seducing me”

I scoffed and said….

“Look who’s talking about seduction.”

“What did you mean by that?”

I shrugged and said…


I closed my eyes trying to sleep but I was just not feeling sleepy. I peeped at him and he had his eyes closed, maybe he’s asleep.

I stared at his face. It’s true, he’s really cute when he sleeps…

I brought my hands to his face and I traced my my finger from his forehead to his nose then to his lips. I then shifted closer to him and pecked his lips.

“I want to sleep Gaby, quit tempting me”

“Ohh,,I’m sorry”

I retracted my hands from his face and turned to the other side then closed my eyes but still I couldn’t sleep.

Suddenly I felt him wrap his arm round my tiny waist then he pulled me closer him then he placed a kiss at the crook of my neck which made me shiver. He then whispered in my ear….

“Maybe like this you’ll be able to sleep”

He kissed my cheek and like that we drifted off to sleep….




Sebastian POV

I opened my eyes slowly and I was welcomed with Gabriela’s sleeping face.

I really missed her more than I could imagine. Feels so good to finally have her as mine.

I kissed her forehead and that seemed to wake her up.

“Good morning Sebastian, what time is it?”

“Morning sunshine, I think it’s 10am.”

She gasped loudly and rose up from bed then rushed to my bathroom. She said while running the shower….

“Please, could you be a darling and go get me my clothes in my room? I’m late for work”

I chuckled and walked out of the bed room and collected an outfit from her wardrobe before going back to my room.

I walked in and I gasped at what I saw. She was only in a towel that barely covered anything. As she saw me she stopped drying her hair and walked up to then took her dresses from me.

She pecked my lips and said….

“Thanks, you’re an angel”

She rushed back into the bathroom and after a while she came out of the bathoom while buttoning her shirt

“I have to go now babe,you’ll come pick me up right?”

I nodded with a smile. She made to walk out of the room but I dragged her back in and said…

“You’re forgetting something…”

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed my lips. I wrapped my arm round her waist and deepened the kiss.

The kiss was getting too intense that I didn’t even know when my hand began unbuttoning her shirt.

She broke the kiss and said…

“I’m late for work, well do this later”

My face brightened as I heard what she said….

“I’ll leave now, and also they’re some visitors you’ll meet later. I’ll explain everything to you once I come back”

I nodded and she ran out of the room….

Gabriela POV

The car stopped me infront if the studio and I ran in. I met Daniela and Shane.

“Good morning guys”

Shane nodded with a smile and Daniela rolled her eyes. Looks like she knows already that we’ll be competing.

Shane then spoke….

“Alright let the training begin. You guys have to win this contest at all cost. Not only will it help the Company but it’ll boost your carriers”

We nodded and then Shane said…

“Alright let the training begin”

We went our separate ways to change and after some minutes we were ready. I sat down on a chair beside Shane and we watched Daniela.

Each time she began cat walking on the stage, Shane must say….

*It’s not that good, try better!!

*Give me some emotions

*Try harder Dany…

I smiled happily as I heard all the critics she was receiving. She looked my way and discreetly glared at me but I saw that,,,looks like she hates me already…Who cares!!

It was now my turn. I climbed the stage and breath in and out then my mind drifted to that day, the day I was kidnapped.

I cat walked on the stage and at some point, I strike a pose.

After some time Shane asked me to stop. I climbed down the stage and walked to them.

“Wow Nicole, that was simply fantastic, I’ve never seen anything like that before. Good job if you continue like that you will definitely win the contest, that’s for sure”

I smiled and glanced at Daniela she is already fuming in anger. I’m just starting and you’re fuming in anger??….Just wait till when I’ve fully cleared my name, there you’ll know what it feels like when someone takes away everything from you…

I walked to the changing room and I changed in my former clothes then I went to the restroom to fix back my makeup.

Suddenly Jayden entrees the bathroom. Anger rose from the pit of my stomach but I suppressed it with a smile. Let the fun begin…

I turned to him and said…

“What are you doing here? Last time I checked this is the ladies room”

He walked towards me with a lustful gaze…Then he placed his hand on my shoulder and caressed it, I felt disgusted by his touch but I had to play it cool.

He then said….

“I thought you’ll need some company, you see what I’m saying?”

I smiled at him and said…

“I’m sorry but you’re not my type, I prefer handsome and most importantly I prefer a man who has something down there”

I winked and patted his cheek before walking out of the bathroom.

I walked out of the company and as I expected Sebastian was leaning on his car waiting for me.

I turned my head to the left and I could see Daniela staring at him surprise…Probably thinking what a celebrity like him is doing here.

I climbed down the stairs and I ran into his arms… I then said…

“Did you miss me?”

“Of course. Let me take you somewhere”

I nodded and made to get in the car but he held my hand and pouted his lips like a kid.

I rolled my eyes as I know already what he wants. I walked closer to him and wrapped my arm round his neck then I kissed him tenderly and as usual her wrapped his arm round my waist and deepened the kiss.

I broke it and said…

“Alright let’s leave”

He held my waist and said…

“Just a little more. Please?”

With that said he claimed my lips again and after some minutes he broke the kiss reluctantly and said…

“I can never get enough of your lips”

I chuckled and made to walk enter the car then I glanced at Daniela and her mouth was hanging down. Oops I forgot she was looking…

I shrugged and boarded the car then we drove away

T.B.C.The twin sisters episode 14 & 15

[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]


Daniela POV

I stood there clued on the spot with my eyes wide. What just happened now? Did I just the cold hearted CEO kiss Nicole.

That guy is the richest man in this country but he’s also cold hearted. How come he just smiled and kissed Nicole?

This only seemed to add to my anger, not only does she makes me look incompetent in front of Shane, but she also succeeded in having the richest man in the country wrapped around her finger.

“Hey, let’s go baby”

I turned and glared at Jayden. He’s a doctor by profession and today was his day off but I haven’t even seen him today.

“Where were you Jay?

“Can’t I just stay on my own for some minutes without you being angry?”

He said those words and walked to the car, as he reached for the door to the door to car, he said without looking at my direction…

“Are you coming or you’re gonna stay there like a statue”

I scoffed and walked to the car then boarded it, not only is she with the richest man in the country but the man is romantic. I looked at Jayden and rolled my eyes.

He then drove off….

Gabriela POV

I was staring at him as he drove us to who knows where. It’s now that I realize just how gorgeous he is, perfectly sculpted nose with his masculine jawline and his deep penetrating hazel eyes let’s not talk about his kissable lips and his inky dark hair.

Then looked at myself and I suddenly felt down the mood, I’m not worthy of such a man like him. What did he sees in me that he doesn’t see in other women? What if one day he tired of me and then leaves me just like Jayden did. Nobody will want a convict like me as girlfriend talk less of wife…
The car suddenly stopped jolting me out of my thought. I looked out and it looks like he drove us to a kind of forest.

I alighted the car with a dull expression which he seemed to notice.

“Hey Gaby what’s wrong? You look sad all of a sudden”

I faked a smile and said…

“It’s nothing, I’m fine”

But he wasn’t buying any of those as he said…

“I know there’s something bordering you. Please tell me, is it because you don’t like it here?”

“No, it’s not it the thing is that I’m feeling unsecured. Like you would leave me for another girl. I’m a convict, what good things can I possibly offer you”

I looked down and took my lips in while fidgeting with my fingers

He then lifted my head up and smiled then he said…

“You want to know what good you offered me? You gave me a new reason to smile ever since my mother’s death and Juliet departure I haven’t being the same. Then on that fateful night when you clumsily bumped into me, did you know what I saw in your eyes…”

He lifted me in the air and twirled me around while saying…

“I saw a house beside the beach, you as my wife and our little twins running round the house”

He put me down and I giggled before saying


He nodded and continued.

“And from that day, you were always in my mind at one point I thought I was going crazy. I even thought you cast a spell on me”

I laughed at his silliness…He then continued…

“You are the bravest, most beautiful and the most sweet woman I’ve ever seen in my life. I admire you, because if any other person went through what you went that person could have being shattered into pieces. I call you sunshine for a reason because you are the one that makes me wake up, that brightens my day”

He pulled me closer by the waist and wiped off my tears before continuing…

“I love you Gabriela and there’s no other woman on this earth that I can imagine my future with, you will and forever remain my one and only”

Gently kissed my lips which made my heart flutter. This kiss is definitely the best kiss I’ve received because it was out of love.
He broke it and then said….

“Are you clear now?”

I nodded with a smile and then wrapped my hand round his waist and said…

“I love you”

“Love you more”

He help my hand and said..

“Come let me show you something”

We began walking throughout the forest and I gasped at what I saw. This place is so beautiful, I spotted a fountain not far and there was all kinds of birds.

I looked up above me and I could see fireflies everywhere. It was so beautiful with flowers of different kinds everywhere.

I looked at Sebastian and he was holding a basket in his hand. He then said….

“This place is where I come when I’m sad, angry or depressed. It calms me down when I see all these birds and creatures. There’s a wolf not far from here, trust me it’s very friendly and nice. I named it Baxter. Come on let’s have a picnic”

We began setting the different needed for the picnic. After that we sat down in each other arms.

I saw a strawberry and I picked it from the bowl and stuffed it in my mouth. Strawberries are my favorite

I picked another one and directed it at Sebastian lips.

“Open ahh”

He chuckled and opened his mouth then took a bite of the strawberry. He then said…

“No wonder you always taste like strawberry”

“They’re my favorites”

I smiled and happily munched on my strawberry.

I looked at the sky, with the stars and the moon, so beautiful. He then spoke jolting me out of my thought…

“You promised me something”

I ached a brow at him….

“I don’t remember ever promising you something”

He looked at me like he would eat me up and then he said….

“You promised me we will do it later”

My eyes widened as I remember what I said in the morning…

“No, no I didn’t mean it that way. What I meant was….”

He pushed me on the grass and said with a smile…

“Too late”

He kissed me wildly and I found myself lost in the kiss.

He then trailed his fingers from my shoulder to my arm and then he interlinked our hands still while kissing me.

My body began trembling and he seemed to notice it as he broke the kiss with a worried look…

“What’s wrong Gaby”

I looked down embarrassed and shy before muttering…

“I’ve never done it before”

He lifted my head so that I could look into his eyes. I could see shock in them… He then said…

“You mean you’re still a virgin?”

I nodded and bite my lips. He leaned towards me and kissed my forehead before smiling at me and saying…

“Don’t worry I’ll wait till when you’re ready”

I nodded and then he laid down his back beside me. I placed my head on his chest and we both starred at the starry night. This is surely the first time in history where someone is having a picnic at night…

After some while, we stood up and arranged all the things we took for picnic into a basket and then we boarded the car and drove home…

We arrived home and the maids took the basket and went in. We interlinked our hands and walked in together.

As we entered the living room, noise could be heard. Beatrix and Jade were playing some video games while Eleanor was sitting on the couch with a book in her hands.

I chuckled as I saw them, they’re always as noisy and as lively as I imagined…

I turned to Sebastian and he had a look of surprise on his face, probably wondering what they’re doing in his house.

“Um, Sebastian. Remember in the morning I told you we had some visitors, well here they are. Meet my co prisoners.”

“How the hell did they get here?”

I pouted my lips like a kid and did my best puppy face

“They are amongst the four people they didn’t succeed to apprehend. They don’t have a place to stay so I decided to bring them here. Please don’t be mad at me, please”

He sighed and smiled at me…

“Alright I’m not mad, I was just surprised. They can stay as long as they want since you trust them then I’ll have to do same”

I jumped and said

“Thanks Sebby”

He looked at me with a funny look…

“Sebby,,, since when did Sebastian become Sebby.”

I wrapped my arm round his neck and said…

“Since when I decided it”

We heard someone speak which brought us out of our thought…

“Hey girls the lovey dovey are back”

We looked at that direction and it was Jade who spoked. The three of them looked at us and began smiling like fools. I looked back at Sebastian and we both laughed. We entered the living room and they the three of them held Sebastian arm and dragged him to a corner before they began speaking to him

Listen our Gaby is head over heels for you so you better mind the way you treat. Love her with all you heart and you better not break her heart because if you do well break your bones the same way you did to her heart”
Sebastian nodded with his hands up in surrender and now they left him and continued with their games…

Eleanor then spoke….

“Sebastian, you better begin to work hard because I want tons of babies in this house”

I face palmed myself at her words. I then said

“Alright I’ll go change. I’ll be back”

With that said, I walked up to my room to take a bath…

Sebastian POV

I stood by the door while watching at how they played their video games. I think I’ll bailed them out of jail…That’ll be for another day…

I smiled and walked upstairs to my room. I stopped at Gabriela’s room and smiled as I looked at the door to her room. She really changed my life for the better…

I reached my room and opened the door and what I saw startled me.

“What the fuck!!”

[The vicious and the caring😇]


Sebastian POV

I walked in my room and what I saw startled me…

“What the fuck!!”

That new maid, Michelle was standing in front of me wrapped in a towel…

“Wh…What are you doing here?”

She suddenly let go off the towel and it fell one the floor revealing naked body…

I swallowed on nothing and turned to leaving the room but she held my hand and made me look towards her.

I turned and looked at her, trying hard for my eyes not to look at her body…

With innocent eyes she said…

“I know what I’m doing is not decent for a woman like me. I know I’m desperate and I admit it, I’m desperate. The truth is I love you Sebastian, and I know you don’t love me but please just grant mean this wish and I’ll leave you alone. Please Sebastian please satisfy me, make me feel like a woman, please”

I closed my eyes trying to suppress the headache that this woman is giving me. She suddenly held my left hand and placed it on her breast.

I yanked off my hand from her breast and took the bed sheets and gave it to her while saying…

“Take this, cover yourself and leave before I harm you. I’m serious about it, I will harm you if you don’t leave”

As stubborn as she is, she took the cover and threw it away then she wrapped her hands round my neck and kissed me while crashing her nipples on my chest…

I tried pushing her away but I don’t want to touch her body.

The door suddenly burst open revealing the last person I ever wanted to see this.

Gabriela looked at us with tears brimming at the corner of her eyes. She said with a hurt filled voice…

Men are the same. I thought you were different but I guess I was wrong”
With that said she ran away. At that moment Michelle released me and said…

“I’m…I’m sorry I”

Without caring about her gender, I slapped her and she fell on the bed. I grabbed her by the hair and said….

“Just start praying because if I lose her, you’re dead meat”..

I released her and marched outside then locked her in my room. I searched for the whole mansion but she wasn’t there.

I began to worry more, what if she tries to harm herself. I ran my hand in my hair frustratedly, trying to calculate where she could be….

I then remember that there’s a river not far from here. Oh God!! I hope she didn’t try what I’m thinking….

I ran out of ng house heading to the gate. Without caring to take a car, I ran out of the gate heading to the river.

I arrived there in some minutes and checking for her. I walked along the borders of the river but I didn’t see anything.

I made to turn and leave but I spotted something that looks like someone’s hand. No it’s a hand.

I quickly removed my shirt and plunged inside the river swimming to her. I spotted her inside water as her long blonde hair was sprawled in the water.

I caught her with an arm and with the other I swimmed to the surface. I breathed in the air as I reached the surface.

I carried her in my arm and walked out of the water.

I laid her down on the soil and remove her wet hair that sticked on her face.

I placed my ear on her chest and her heartbeat were becoming shallower.

I quickly pressed her stomach to see if she could spill out the water but it was unsuccessful…

Tears began flowing out of my eyes as I continued pressing here stomach…

“Please Gaby, please don’t leave me, please? I’m sorry!!”

I continued pressing her stomach but still no reaction…

I did mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but still no reaction. I then placed her my ear on her chest and it was getting shallower… I’m loosing her!!

With tears flowing out of my eyes I did back the mouth to mouth resuscitation and I felt her move.

I pulled away from her as she coughed out the water.

I took her into my arm and cried while saying…

“Thank goodness you’re safe Gaby”

She pushed me away and yelled in tears…

“Why did you save me, you could have let me die. I’m tired of this world, I’m really tired. Why do I keep loosing what is precious to me!! Why? I’ve never done anything wrong to anyone then why I’m I always loosing what I love the most…”

I held her firmly by the shoulder and kissed her in order to make her stop talking.

After some seconds,I pulled back and I looked at her…

“I’m so sorry Gaby, what you saw earlier wasn’t what it looked like. She wanted me to satisfy her physically but I refused and then I asked her to leave but then she kissed me and that’s what you saw. I would never cheat on you Gaby, I love you too much for that”

I gently caressed her wet hair as she kept looking at me with those cute blue eyes…. I then asked…

“Gaby,,,do you trust me??”

She nodded and then I said…

“Then why do you think I could possibly cheat on you? Whenever you are mad or hurt because of me, hit me, slap me, punch me, I won’t stop you from doing that but please never you do what you just did today. Believe me when I say you are my life. If you die then I’ll surely follow you. Please, don’t harm yourself because of me.”

I looked down, not wanting her to look at me crying….

She then lifted my head up and wiped off my tears before she said…

“I’m…I’m sorry Sebastian, I’m sorry I hurt you because of my action, I was just so hurt. I trust you Sebby,, don’t doubt that. I promise I’ll never try to harm myself again. I promise…..

She wrapped her tiny arms round my waist and then she placed her head on my chest and curled her body like a kid…

I smiled at her cute action then I took my shirt and wrapped it around her body before picking her up then I walled back to the house

I arrived at home and everybody were just staring at us but I didn’t Care about the stares.

I walked into her room since I locked that thing in my room…

I placed her on the bed and began unbuttoning her shirt. I looked at her face and she was blushing. I then said with smirk playing around my lips…

“Hey I just want to change you wet dress, don’t imagine anything else”

“I wasn’t imagining”

I kissed her forehead and finished unbuttoning her shirt.

I swallowed hard as I unzipped her jeans and removed it leaving her in her lingerie. I closed my eyes in order to surpress the desire building up in me…

I felt her fidget and I smiled as I wasn’t the only one being tortured here…

I looked up at her and she had her eyes shut tightly while biting her lips…

I placed a kiss on her lips and she opens her eyes and looked at me…

“You’re hot!!”

She blushed and muttered…

“Thank you”

I stood up and went and picked something comfortable for her to wear…

I walked back to her and said…

“Um,,your underwears is also wet.”

She stood up shyly and said…

“No need thanks I can do it.”

I she placed her foot on the ground, she wobbled and fell back on the bed

I walked up to her and said…

“You’re still weak. Let me help you”

She nodded while biting her lips out of nervousness.

I unstrapped her bra and removed it still while swallowing hard. I could see the goosebumps that already formed on her body. I placed a kiss on her shoulder which made her shiver and I smiled, satisfied by the effect I have on her.

I helped here wear the shirt I picked for her then I placed a kiss on her cute navel which made her body ache. Everything in her in her is cute.

I removed her pantie in one go making her gasp in surprise then I walked to her wardrobe and took out new one then wore it on her before putting her jean on.

I covered her properly with the duvet and placed a kiss one her forehead turn her cheek followed by her nose and finally on her lips…

“Goodnight sunshine”

She pouted and said…

“Won’t you sleep right by me?”

“I’ll be back, I just need to go and change”

She nodded and covered herself properly with only her head visible…

I walked out of her room and breathed out…That was puret torture.

My face hardened and then I called Mathilda the head maid.


“Yes, master”

“Call out for all the maid in this house including the body guards”

She nodded and walked away. I opened back my room and I saw Michelle in tears, crocodile tears!!!

She had only the bedsheet wrapped round her body. I grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the room heading downstairs where everyone except Gabriela was present.

I threw her to the floor and then said to everyone present

“Because of this stupid thing there, Gabriela almost died if not for me she would have being dead. I want this to serve as a lesson to everyone present here, if you dare try any shit on me most importantly Gabriela you’ll regret it.”

I snap my fingers and two huge muscular men came in the living room.

I looked at Michelle and said…

“You wanted to be satisfied right? Well I’ll be happy to do that. These two men here are going to do the job for me”

Her eyes widened and she began begging…

“No, please spare me. Please I’m sorry I won’t do it again”

I smiled at her and said…

“Remember when I told you to go or else you’ll regret it? Now is the time for regret”

I turned and looked at the two men and said…

“Boys,,take her away and do what you want with her and remember you guys won’t stop till she faints”

They nodded with smiled on their faces and then they picked her up and walked away with her.

I glared at rest and said…

“Be warned!!!”

I walked away and as I made to enter my room, someone call me…


I turned and it was Eleanor. I said with a smile..

“Anything wrong?”

She nodded and said…

“I want to tell you who Michelle really is…”


The twin sisters episode 16 & 17

[The vicious and the caring😇]


Sebastian POV

“I want to tell you who Michelle really is”

I closed back the door and I turned to her then said…

“What’s up about her?”

“You know there’s four people who were not apprehended. These four persons are me, Beatrix, Jade and Michelle”

My eyes widened and I said…

“What? She’s amoungst them?”

She nodded and continued….

“Not only that, she actually hates Gabriela. I don’t know why but she really hates her like crazy. I’m sure,,,,no, I know she’s the one who stabbed Gabriela”

Anger began boiling in my veins, she’s part of the reasons that Gabriela almost died back then and she’s also that Gabriela almost died now. Eleanor continued speaking…

“I’m pretty sure she did what she did now just to get on Gabriela’s nerves”

I clenched my fists in anger as she continued….

“That’s all what I wanted to tell you, I’m leaving now”

With that said walked away, I went in my room and took a quick bath then changed into my night wear before heading to Gabriela’s room.

I opened the door and all the anger I felt disappeared. I walked up to her bed and laid down beside her while starring at her face,,,She opened her eyes as she seemed to notice my presence…

“What tool you so long,, I slept off while waiting for you”

“I had some things to settle”

“Okay, just kiss me please”

I chuckled and pulled her closer to me then I kissed her on the lips. She smiled back at me and snuggled with my chest before saying…

Love you”
“I love you too”

And like that we drifted off to sleep….

Gabriela POV

I sleepily opened my eyes while snuggling with the most important person in my life.

I rose up and straddled him then I bit his nose playfully…

“Gaby,,,I want to sleep some more please??”

“No,,today is my day off and you was to sleep more that’s not in my agenda. Besides today, I want to show you something important…”

He rose up from bed and wounded his hands round my waist as I placed mine on his neck… He then said.

“Is it that important than my sleep?”

I nodded and whispered into his ears…

“It concerns the murder of Ruby”

He nodded and with a blink of an eye, we switched position, him on top of me. He then said…

“That’ll wait later, I need your lips now”

With said he held my hands and pinned it above my head with a hand then he held my waist and crashed his lips on mine.

I kissed him back with the same intensity, I tried freeing my hand but he held it firmly so I stopped trying…

I felt his hand that was on my waist slid in the shirt I’m wearing making my body shiver.

He bit my lower lip which resulted to a moan and he groaned in approval. He then kissed the crook of my neck, my sensitive spot before releasing my hands.

He then said in a soft whisper….

“If only you know how much I want you badly”

I blushed and I wanted to say something but I refrained myself as I had to show him something….

I walked out of bed and I went and took the laptop with the cassette tape and I climbed back on the bed settling myself in between his laps. I placed the laptop on my laps and inserted the cassette tape then I clicked on play and it began playing….

After the video finished playing I removed a paper and showed it to him.

“This is the tattoo of the person who murdered Ruby. If we find someone who has this tattoo on him then we can clear my name”

He nodded and kissed my shoulder before saying…

“Good job Gaby, I feel like pinning you and doing sinful things to you”

I quickly got out of bed and said…

“Nope that’ll be for another time. Today let’s go and see Violet, I miss her”

He nodded with a pout and rose up from bed. I chuckled and said..

We can take a bath together”
His face brighten and he picked me up from the floor running to the bathroom with me. I chuckled at his funny behavior.


After our bath, we got dress and Sebastian decided we take a walk to their house. It wasn’t that far anyway. We walked with our hands interlinked together.

Each and everyone we came across stared at us in disbelief probably wondering why I’m holding Sebastian hand.

Not long after we arrived at their place and we rang the bell, we were being attended shortly.

Immediately I saw Violet I ran and took her into my arms.

“Violet,it’s so good to see you. How have you been?”

“I’m good, sorry I didn’t visit you guys. Ever since I and Nicky found out that I’m pregnant he hasn’t being allowing me to go to work. He says I need to rest and all those stupid things….”

I and Sebastian cut her short as we scream in surprise…

“You’re pregnant?!!”

“Oops I forgot to tell you guys, I’m three weeks pregnant. And I and Nicholas are getting married next week. We already received our blessing from dad and his parents”

I stood there as shock filled my body. Violet then held my hand and said…

“Please Gaby could be my bridesmaid please. The tailor will be coming soon to take our measurement. And you Sebastian, you’ll be Nicky’s best man”

I nodded with a smile and hugged her while saying…

“I’m so happy for you Vivi”

“Thanks Gaby, hope you two will get married soon”

I coughed and broke the hug then looked at sebas he was looking at us with a bright smile he then walked up to us and said.

“Come on Violet, come and give your big bro a hug”

She smiled and ran into his embrace with a giggle.

“I love you big brother”

“I love you too sis”

I frowned and scoffed loudly and they turned to me. Violet then said…

“Oh I see you gat a very jealous girlfriend”

We all laughed and entered the living room. Not long after Nicholas entered with the tailor. They took our measurement and we chatted a little then it was time for us to go back.

They escorted us to the gate.

“Good bye violet”

“Goodbye Gabriela. Take care okay?”

“Okay, and also take care of our little niece of nephew”


We waved at them and we began walking away….

I spotted an ice cream stand..

“Sebastian, let’s eat some ice cream”

Without waiting for his reply, I dragged him towards the stand and we bought two flavors. Strawberry for me and vanilla for him..

I held his arm with one arm and with the other I licked the other…

After our ice cream was finished, I heard him say…

“Do you another reason why I fell in love with you?”

I looked up at him and he continued…

“Its because you don’t pretend. You’re yourself and I love you just the way you are. I love your cute childish side and also your bold side with your glutton habit”

I smiled and leaned on him when suddenly I saw someone which caught my attention….

I released Sebastian and screamed…


The person looked at our direction and began running away. I ran behind him too with all the speed that I have. I could hear Sebastian calling out my name behind but I couldn’t wait for him…

I ran behind him and he jumped the meat stand and continued running. I jumped the stand too while picking a knife there…

I stopped and picked a stone then I shoot him really hard it hit his head. He continued running but he reduced in speed….

I sped up and caught up with him. I kicked him and he stopped running. He turned towards me and threw a blow at me.

I ducked and tackled him he fell on the floor. I startled him and held his neck then pinned him on the floor, he smirked at me and held me by the neck then came now on top of me.

“Look what we have here, a pretty and sexy chick.Mind if I have a taste of you??”

I laughed sarcastically and said…

“You don’t know who you’re up against”

I kicked his manhood and came back on top of him then removed the knife I had and aimed it at his throat….

“Move a single inch and I won’t hesitate to slaughter you”

[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]


Gabriela POV

“Move a single inch and I won’t hesitate to slaughter you”

He nodded in fear and stayed still. I then asked…

“What’s your name?”


I chuckled darkly and said while pressing the knife closer to his neck. I then said…

“I’m giving you one last chance to speak up if I hear any lies coming out your mouth you’re death meat. Now,,, WHAT’S YOUR NAME!!!!”

“Mason,,,,my name is Mason…”

I smiled satisfied by the answer I heard. Not long after I heard Sebastian’s voice behind us…

What are you doing?”
I held the man by the collar and pulled him up still with the knife on the neck. I then spoke to Sebastian…

“Look at his arm”

He looked at it and his eyes widened as he saw the tattoo there. I continued…

“I saw him coming out of a coffee shop and I immediately spotted the tattoo on his arm so I called him and he ran away. That’s what made me run
After him because if he was innocent he would not have done this. And also his name is Mason and the first three letter of his name correspond to what Ruby wrote before dying”

Anger took over Sebastian and he came and grabbed him by the collar and punched him on the face.

“You bastard it was all you!!”

The man called Mason said…

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m innocent”

I laughed sarcastically and came in front of him then I peeled of my mask. He gasped with wide eyes as he saw my face.


“Yes, it’s me Gabriela McRae, the girl who went in prisoner because of you…”

I slapped him out of anger before continuing…

“The girl who almost died in prison because of you”

I punched the wall in order to calm myself as all the difficulties I went through began flushing in my mind…

Sebastian held my shoulder, I looked up to him and I began calming down. He then called one of his driver and they came with the car.

We blindfolded him and bearded the car then we drove home….

As we arrived home, we locked him up in an empty room and walked upstairs to my room but surprisingly my room was empty.

I walked up to Sebastian room and he was smiling widely. I then spoke…

“What have you done?”

“I asked the maid to transfer your things here so you’ll be sleeping here with me”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes at him. He wrapped his arm round my waist and said….

“Remaining three more days to your birthday.”

I nodded and said…

“What will be my gift?”

He smiled knowingly and said….

“It’s a surprise Gaby, How about we go clear your name tomorrow”

“Tomorrow? How do we do that?”

“It’s easy, we have the video and we have the person now. We can show them the video and have the person confess then you’ll be a free woman”

I smiled happily as I heard. I jumped happily while singing….

“I’ll be free!! I’ll be free!!”

He laughed at my childishness and walked in the bathroom. I stopped and walked to the bathroom then peeped in the bathroom.

I gasped at what I saw he’s really the charming devil. I closed back the door and slapped myself. When did I become this naughty….

The door to the bathroom opened and I turned back as I saw him all soapy. He then said…

“Rather than peeping at me, come let’s shower together”

Without waiting for my response he pulled me in and closed the door…

Daniela POV

I was at a boutique selecting my wedding gown, you won’t believe it but Jayden proposed to me. It was so romantic but I can’t get my mind off that concert. I want to win it at all cost….

Finally decided to take a white long, floral gown with layers it. It was an off shoulder gown.So beautiful!!!
I bought it and walked out of the boutique when I saw Eva, my best friend.

“Hi, Dany. How’s the preparation going on?”

“Its going well. The marriage will be in two weeks time. I’m so excited to finally be called Mrs Kendrick”

“Me too bestie”

We struck hands and walked to a nearly cafeteria…..

Gabriela POV

After our bath, Sebastian was having a video conference so I decided to pay a visit to our guest.

I walked up to the room were he was locked and to guards where standing at the entrance…

“Miss, we can’t let you enter. Order from the boss”

Why does Sebastian doesn’t want me to enter? I looker black at the and said…

“Please, I’ll just take 15 minutes and you can come in if you want”

There looked at each other before opening the door. I entered and they talked behind me.

I spotter the man. He was tied up in chains and was being made to sit on a chair.

I sat down on a chair opposite him and said…

“Are you ready to tell me who hired you to kill her or you did it on your own will. And if you did it on your will I want to know why you killed her”

He stayed mute, looking down. I never wasted to result to this method but I guess I have no other option…

“If you don’t talk I’ll have one of them to whip you”

He stayed mute but I could see he was trembling. I looked at one of the guards and he went and took a whip then he landed one on his back.

I turned my head to the side a he screamed in agony. I don’t want to do this but I have no other option….

“Still not ready to talk?”

He kept quiet…

Another whip landed on his back and he screamed again in pain. It continued like that till the fifth one.

“Will you talk or you want to continue with this?”

He kept quiet, I looked at the guard and he landed another whip on his back. He screamed out…


I gasped as I heard the name of the person, no that can’t be. Is it the same Michelle that I know? I need to be sure

“How does that Michelle look Like?”

“Her photo is in my phone.”

The guard gave me his phone and I searched for the pictures in his. I stopped at a beautiful black haired lady….I showed it at him and he nodded affirmatively.

I was shocked to the bones, why did Michelle send him to murder Ruby?

“Do you know her reason behind it?”

“I don’t know, I just received money from someone and that’s person said that a girl called Michelle wants me to kill Ruby. I just did my job”

I stood and said to the bodyguard….

“Watch over him I’ll be back in jiffy”

I ran out of the room and luckily I saw Adelaide, one of the maids.


She stopped and looked at me then bowed with a smile…

“Miss, can I help you?”

“Do you known where Michelle is? I haven’t seen her for a while now”

She told me whatever Sebastian did to her and that she’s locked up in a room right now. Why did Sebastian not tell me this?

I walked back to Sebastian room, well it’s now may room too. I walked in and he was through with his video conference. He turned to me and smiled.

I ran and hugged him before he could speak…

“You did that to Michelle because of me?”

“I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you about her. I thought you would get upset that I did such horrible thing to her”

I shook my head and looked up at him still with my arm wrapped round his waist…

“I’m not mad at all. Actually I just found out that she was the one who ordered Mason to kill Ruby”

He gasped and suddenly he became angry. He marched out of the room then headed to a particular direction.

He opened the door to a room and not long after he dragged Michelle by the hair out of the room.

He then walked towards where Mason was being detained and kicked opened the door he threw her inside and she fell on the floor.

He grabbed her by the hair and made her look at Mason face.

I watched as both of them gasp in surprise.

Sebastian then said…

“Do you know this man, lie and I won’t hesitate to make you suffer”

She nodded in fear. Sebastian then continued…

“Why did you order him to kill Ruby?”

She stayed quiet for some time. Sebastian then pulled her hair and she screamed in pain.

“Aaahhh!! Okay,,I’ll talk, I’ll talk. I ordered him to kill Ruby because Ruby is the reason I ended up in jail.”

She began crying pretenciously. Sebastian slapped her and said…

“I didn’t ask you to cry, I asked you to talk”

“I killed the woman that my fiancée cheated on me with and it turned out that she saw it. She reported me to the police and I vowed that I’ll take revenge. I orderer that person to kill her”

I walked and stood in front of here then slapped her in her face as tears were flowing out of my eyes….

“You are the reason why my life was miserable. Not only did you try to kill me in prison. You also came here and because of you I attempted to take away my life”

I wiped off my tears and said…

“Tell me, why do you hate me. Did I offend you in anyway?”

She kept quiet as guilt filled her heart. I walked out of the room and Sebastian followed me then I stopped as I felt Sebastian’s arm round my waist.

“It’s okay Gaby, I’ll always me there for you. I saved you twice and that won’t stop there. I’ll save over and over whenever you’re in trouble”

I turned and looked at him then I smiled and said…

“Thank you Sebby”

“Anytime sunshine”

I hugged him and buried my face in his chest….


I, Eleanor, jade, and Beatrix were seated in the car while biting nervously our fingernails. We’re actually at the police station waiting for Sebastian to come out.

We’re here to clear my name and I don’t know why but I’m so nervous….

After what seem like eternity, we saw Sebastian walking out of the police station.

We opened the car and alighted it. Sebastian walked up to us as we were patiently waiting for him to drop the bomb….

He looked at me and said….

“Congratulations Gabriela McRae you’re a free woman”

I jumped in happiness and hugged him them kissed him not mending the girls who were looking at us…

We broke the kiss and then he said….

“That’s not all”

He looked at the girls and removed some papers then handed them…

“It was a lot of trouble and I spent millions on it but it was worth it. I hand you girls your freedom but promise you’ll live a decent life as from now”

The girls were shocked to the bones including me they took the papers with shaky hands and then Beatrix spoke with tears of joy…

“Gaby,,,can we?”

I nodded with tears of joy flowing out of my eyes….

They immediately hugger him with millions of thank you bombarding his ears.

I smiled and wiped my tears as I looked at Sebastian with loving eyes….

They released him and he turned to me and widened his arm signalling me to come.

I walked and entered into his warm embrace and he wiped my tears then kissed my hair and said…

“I love you”

“I love you too”

We boarded the car and drove home with me and the girls singing happily in the car….

We arrived the car and he dropped us then he said…

“I’m sorry Gaby I have to go somewhere. I’ll come back early. We need to celebrate this”

He pecked my lips then boarded the car and drove away….

Sebastian POV

I walked out of the jewelry store and smiled as I watched the small red box in my hand. I opened it and smiled more as I saw the beautiful ring that was in it…

“I hope you’ll like my gift Gaby”


The twin sisters episode 18 & 19

[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]


Daniela POV

We were at the living room with my parents discussing about my 20th birthday party which is tomorrow. Mom asked…

“So baby, how do you want your birthday party to look like?”

“I want it to be huge, to be grandiose, to be the only party that people will remember for years to come”

Dad then spoke,,,

“Your wish is our command”

I smiled happily… Ever since Gabriela disappeared from our lives, I’m the only queen in this house and I love it like that..

Suddenly a maid ran in the living room and said…

“Mr, mrs, miss,,,you have to see what is going on in the television”

We all stood up and dad switched up the television. I heard the journalist say….

“Breaking news,,,today, the famous Mr Sebastian Sherman just came to the police station with proof or evidence to clear the name of miss Gabriela McRae. As per the proofs, Gabriela McRae was declared innocent though its too late for she’s death….”

My heart stopped beating for some seconds as I stared at the TV with wide eyes….

I looked at my parents direction and mom broke into loud sobs while hugging dad. She said…

“Oh, no!!! What have we done to our daughter!!! We abandoned her when she needed us the most!!! And now she’s proven innocent. We indirectly killed our daughter Stephen, we killed her”

Dad patted her back to sooth here but it was all in vain. Dad said…

Calm down Patricia,, it’s not good for your health”
“No,,, I can’t calm down. The guilt I feel inside me is unbearable”

With that said she passed out in dad’s arm.


I rushed to their side and we picked her up and called the family doctor…

Gabriela POV

I and the girls were seated in the living room.

“So since you guys are free, what will you do?”

Beatrix spoke….

“I’m going to take my daughter from the orphanage they kept her and after I’ll look for a job but I don’t know who’ll hire an ex convict like me”

Eleanor spoke…

“I think I’ll do modeling like you Gaby,,, it’s always being my dream”

Jade spoke….

“And I think I’ll go back to my parents. They’ve being waiting patiently for my release.”

I then said…

“Beatrix, I can talk to Sebastian, I’m sure he’ll find a job for you in his company. Eleanor, I can talk to Shane and he’ll surely recruit you as a model. You have the body, the beauty…”

She blushed and said…

“Okay, okay that’s enough!!”

We laughed and I continued…

“And you Jade, I have nothing to say since you’re going back to your family. I guess I’ll just say goodbye”

She laughed and said….

“Why telling me goodbye when my parents live just around here”

“Wow that’s cool, atleast I’ll get to be seeing you girls”

Sebastian entered the living room and the girls said…

“We’ll give you two some privacy”

With that said, they walked away…

I stood up and walked up to Sebastian. Suddenly he picked me up effortlessly from the ground and walked upstairs.

He placed my feet on the ground and said…

“So how are you enjoying your moment of freedom?”

“It feels so good to be free”

I twirled around with my arm wide open. I then heard him say…

“So when are you planning to make a come back”

“Tomorrow,on Daniela’s birthday party. She gave me an invitation. Will you come with me?”

He chuckled and said…

“Of course I will come. I can’t let you go all by yourself”

I smiled and said…

“I love you Sebby”

He rolled his eyes and said…

“I told you to stop calling me that…”

“I won’t,,, you’re my Sebby”

He wrapped his arm round my waist and I round his neck…

“And you’ll always remain my sunshine”

He leaned forward and claimed my lips with him doing magic to my tongue…

Daniela POV

We were seated in my parents room while listening to the doctor’s explanation.

“Mr McRae,,, your wife here had a hypertension. Please I will recommend you her to avoid any shocking news for the next one will be fatal to her…”

Nodded while holding mom’s hand…
Even in her death, mom and dad still care for her. I hate her with passion!!!

I walked upstairs while fuming in rage…

Gabriela POV

I was sitting on a couch, eating my strawberries while watching a football match…

Suddenly my phone rang and I saw Shane’s number displacing. I looked at Sebastian and I exhaled loudly.

📞 Shane?

📞 Nicole, we need you to sign some document right now. Where are you? It’s important.

I looked at Sebastian and he nodded with a smile.

📞 I’ll send you the address to my house…

I hung up the call and sent it to him then I turned to Seb and said…

“Are you okay with him coming?”

“Course I’m,,, I trust you Gaby”

I smiled and placed my head on his chest then continued watching our football match.

After some minutes a maid came and said…

“Mam, someone wants to see you”

I stood up and looked at Sebastian.

“Wanna come?”

“Of course!!”

We held our hands walked to the guest room. We entered and Shane turned to face us. He gasped as he saw my face…


I nodded with a smile.

“Yep, it’s me. I’m not death”

I explained everything to him and he calmed down as he understood what happened… He then said,,,

“So Sebastian here saved you twice”

I nodded with a smile. He then looked at Sebastian and said…

“Dude, I’m sorry. I almost ruined your relationship. I was just obsessed with her. It wasn’t love, I’m over it now and I see her as a friend nothing else”

Sebastian said…

“No need to explain, I understand. So friends?”

They stood up and hugged each other as a symbol of peace.

They sat back down, then brought out some papers. I signed it and gave it back to him.

I then remembered about Eleanor.

“Shane, I think I have a new candidate for modeling in your company.”

I ran out and after some minutes, I dragged Eleanor into the room. She curtsied in respect.

I looked back at Shane and said…

“So,, is she fit for modeling”

“I think so, meet me next week for your test if you pass, you’re in!!”

I smiled happily. We said our goodbyes and he drove off. I looked at Sebastian and said…

“Come on I’m bored, let’s do some abs workout”

He looked at me and laughed…

“Are you sure you’re a girl? Abs workout, seriously?”

I hit his arm and said…

“Scared that I’ll beat you?”

“Ok, if I win, you’ll do whatever thing I tell you to and if you do I’ll do same”

I smirked and said…

“It’s on!!”

[The vicious and the caring😇]


Sebastian POV

I opened my eyes as the sun rays flashed in my eyes. I looked at Gaby and she was still sleeping peacefully while her lips partly opened, breathing in and out…

I tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled. I’m so happy that she’s free from all the crimes she was being accused of…

I just can’t wait to have her as my wife, for the whole world to know that she’s mine, to finally call her Mrs Sherman.

I placed a kiss on her lips and looked at her. She opened her eyes slightly and blinked several times.

She looked up to me and smiled. I then said…

“Happy birthday Gaby”

“Thanks Sebby”

I sighed in defeat. She’ll never stop calling me Sebby. It’s cool by me so long as she’s the only one who calls me that….

“Wait I’ll be back”

I stood up from bed and walked out of the room. I walked in shortly with a tray of food.

I placed it on a table beside the bed and said…

“I’ll feed you. But firstly, I’ll destroy your lips with kisses.”

With that said, I climbed on the bed and went on top of her before covering our head with the duvet as she giggled loudly….

Daniela POV

I sleepily opened my eyes and squinted them as a result of the sun rays…

I looked beside me and Jayden was there. I smiled as I saw him enter the living room with a tray of food…

“Happy birthday baby”

“Awwn,,Jay you did all this for me. You’re so sweet!!”

“Always for you hunny”

He placed the tray of food on the bedstand and said…

“I’ll feed you but firstly, let me mark you with hickeys everywhere”

I giggled softly as he came on top of me and kissed me with his hands crawling under me pajamas…

Gabriela POV

“Thanks for the breakfast Sebastian”

“I’ll be happy to do it over and over again”

I smiled at his sweet side. I then asked…

“Have you always being this romantic and sweet?”

He chuckled and shook his head…

“I’m doing all this for you sunshine”

I spread out my arms and said…

“Come here”

He chuckled and wrapped my body in for a warm hug. I then said in a soft whisper….

“How old are you by the way?”

” I’m 24″

I broke the hug and looked at him in surprise.I then exclaimed…

“I thought you were 30 or something like that”

Why 30. Do I look that old?”
“No, I’m just surprised on how you became this famous within a short span of time”

He chuckled and pinched my cheek. He then said…

“Come on I’ll bath you!!”

I quickly said…

“No, I can do it on my own”

Without warning he carried me in a bridal style and marched to the bathroom while saying…

“No need to be shy, I’ve already seen it all and beside why are you embarrassed when you have a gorgeous body”

I blushed and covered my face with my palms…

Daniela POV

I was sipping on a glass of wine as I and Jayden were in a jacuzzi, enjoying the feeling of being together.

I blushed as I remembered what we did earlier. It was really hot and intense.

I looked at him and said…

“What’s my birthday gift?”

He opened his eyes and replied…

“How about I give you a baby”

“How will you give me a baby?”

He smiled charmingly and I felt his hand caressing my thigh. I blushed as I understood what he meant by that…

“No, not today. I need to be able to walk during my birthday party”

“Come on, just a quickie”

I stood up from the jacuzzi and picked a towel then wrapped it on my body. I looked back at Jayden and said…


I walked away while drying my hair when suddenly I felt myself being lifted up from the ground…

“Jayden,,,put me down. I said no”

I screamed and giggled at the same time…

Gabriela POV

I laid down on my stomach as Sebastian gave me a massage. It felt so good,,, I heard him say

“How does it feels?”

“It feels so good,,, I want you to never stop”

I heard him chuckle and then I felt him place a kiss on my bare back which sent shiver down my spine

If only he knows how much effect he has on me….

I then heard him say,,,,

“It’s almost time for the party to begin”

I covered myself with the sheets and turned and faced him with a smile. He then continued…

“Are you sure you want to wear this?”

I nodded with a smile. Actually I bought the same dress that Daniela will be wearing today. The only difference is the color. I bought the red one and her the black one. I succeeded in tracking her designer and that’s how I know what she’ll wear today.

I climbed down the bed and walked to Sebastian then took the dress from him with a smile.

“Stop smiling at me,,,you’re seducing me”

“Really? Then I won’t stop then”

He held my arm and said…

“You want to see what I can do when I’m being seduced”

I threw the dress on the bed and ran to the bathroom before he could catch me.

Daniela POV

After my bath, I applied my lotion and wore my dress. Jayden helped me zipped it and then he kissed my cheek and said…

“You look gorgeous”

“Thanks Jayden”

I sat down in front of my makeup kit and they began doing my makeup.

I smiled happily, today nobody is going to ruin it….

Gabriela POV

After my bath, I applied my body cream and wore my dress.

Could you please help?”
I felt him zip up my gown then I turned and looked at him and I hitched my breath.

He was wearing a black suit with a red tie and he had his hair comb backward with only some few strands of his hair falling infront.

He looked so out of this world. I heard him snap his finger which brought me out of my thought…

“I’m I that handsome that you got lost in my beauty?”

I smiled and shook my head then I went and sat down on a stool and the makeup artist began doing my makeup.

After some minutes they were done. I stood up and turned to Sebastian and he did the same reaction as me.

“I’m I that beautiful that you got lost in my beauty”

He spoke back…

“Your beauty is ethereal. I feel like stealing your away from this earth and locking you up so that I’ll be the only one who will see your beauty”

I chuckled and went and sat down on the bed then he picked up my heels and helped me wear it and buckled them.

He lend me a hand and I took it, I stood up and twirled around. The dress was a long red gown that trailed on the floor with a long slit that started above my knees, downwards.

I picked up my purses and with our hands entwined together,we walked out of the room….

Daniela POV

I picked my purse and held Jayden’s arm and together we walked out of the room heading downstairs where the party was going on. Immediately they spotted me they began clapping…

With my head held high, I walked down the stairs with Jayden by my side. I could see many important personality at this party…

I heard murmurs about me…

*Look at that dress it fits her so well, gosh!! I want one too

*And her fiance, He’s so handsome they look good together

*Have you seen her engagement ring, it cost millions

I smiled satisfied as I heard all the gossip about me that’s what I wanted to hear

Jayden led me to some people and we began mingling with them…

Gabriela POV

The limousine stopped infront of my parent’s house, a place I once called home.

Sadness began settling in my heart as I remembered how they easily lose hope in me…

I felt Sebastian hand on mine and I looked at him and smiled.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine seeing your parents”

“Of course I will,, you’re with me and that all that matters”

“Let’s go”

I removed a mask that hid my face and then I put it on. He opened the door for me and I came out of the car…..




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