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CIA is an acronym for Christ Invading Ambassadors. It is basically a believer’s forum and an online platform where children of God from different places around the world meet together to learn more about God, to develop their spiritual life and to plan together on strategies on how to reconcile lost souls back to CHRIST. It is known as a nondenominational Christian group where the word of God is being shared. Our mandate is to invade the world with the word of God and to raise up an army of God’s people in this end time. There are inspiring and soul-lifting programs designed to fulfil our mandate. It is basically an interactive group where we all learn from each because we believe no one is an island of knowledge. The Bible is our guide and the Holy Spirit is our Teacher.

Our Vision

1. To reconcile souls as many as possible to the kingdom.

2. To equip the members with the sound doctrine of the early church.

3. To maximise the potential of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

4. To strengthen the body of Christ as a whole.

5. To Empower the Brethren towards good works.


1. With the aid of the platform, every member of the group must be able to win a minimum of 40 souls through the help of the Holy Spirit for year 2019.

2. Every member will be able to know the Word of God more than before by constant breaking of the word through our Weekly Teachings, Team work among members, and other various activities.

3. Through the help of the Holy Spirit and Cia prayer Team, every member will be able to pray effectively every day.

4. Every member will also be able to worship God more than before in form of worshipping Him more and giving more praises to God.

To expand our understanding and deeper indepth of Christ, Every member must be able to read a minimum of 35 Books before the end of 2019.

5. Through the help of God, every members will be encouraged and assisted to participate in the group activities.


1. To achieve our No.1 goal, we will focus more on the essential of every Believers, through our weekly Bible study and seminars(Marital wise, Relationship, Health, Self Development, Skills Acquisition).

2. To achieve our No. 2 goal, a daily Bible reading plan is scheduled to keep every member focused on Christ on daily basis with CIA monthly devotional, also every members of the group will be splitted into a team of 5/15 for better interaction among the brethren and to also share more of Christ among us.

3. To achieve our No.3 goal, a daily prayer points will be sent to the group from the prayer team to build our prayer life and also a prayer chain will be organized among each teams on the group for effective prayer meeting.

3b. Also Fasting is made compulsory every Thursday for every members to build more of our inner man (spirit man) and for our self development. Our monthly vigil will be every 3rd Friday of the month and other days speculated by the admin.

3c. Also, we do organize a monthly programme tagged ” PRAY FOR ME” where every members of the group send specific prayer points to the group on every first (1st) Saturday of the Month.

4. To achieve our No. 4 goal, we have a program that we do organize once in every month tagged’ “‘CORPORATE WORSHIP” where by all members of the group worship God together at the same period of time at different locations, and at the same day.

5. To achieve our No. 5 goal, A spiritual/uplifting books that will boost our spiritual life and improve our standing with God is sent to the group every week on the group, every members of the group is expected to read and digest the book and we will also review the selected book by Sunday night where everyone will drop their comments/opinions/insight about the book to inspire others. Also our books, inspirational teachings, inspirational videos and music can be downloaded from our Website.

5b. Also, a daily write up and inspirational message is sent to the group every day to boost us spiritually, mentally and physically.

A Quarterly magazine will be published with the tag “Inspire D’ Believers” A magazine that is squarely based on Believers who were once in a situation and how they were able to get out. Different believer from different Countries, different experience about Salvation, Adversities, Temptation, Sickness etc. and how they overcome it. Many married couples will also share their testimony to inspire newly wedded, victims of rape, abuse, and many more. And our Counselling Team Will be Available 24/7 every day.

6. To Achieve No. 6 above. A Project has been organized among the Ambassadors in which we all render support monthly to the needy, less privileged, widows, orphans, and even the needy in our midst. We will also organize different empowerment skills to the members, teach them and also fund them in whatever way we can to make them stand for Christ. We contribute to help ourselves and also help more souls for Christ. For more information, chat up an admin on “Cia Partners Scheme

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